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I am from Scotland, I have been interested in joining the Regular army for years, my brother is in the army and I wish to join him. I have applied to the army but got rejected because of my history of epilepsy. Now for as long as I could remeber I have not had a seizure/fit or anything assosiated with it. I stopped taking medication for it when I was 12 years old I am now 23 yrs old. Can any of you's tell me if I have a good chance of re applying and appealing against there decision if deny me.

I will go for some tests to prove that I aint got it. I have also been researching on epilepsy and it said that diagnosing somebody when they are a toddler is hard to diagnose.

just pulled this fella


People with a diagnosis of epilepsy or who have had more than one seizure after the age of five are unable to enter the armed forces.

(Only in very exceptional cases will an appeal be considered and these must be accompanied by well-documented evidence from the attending consultant. All appeals should be directed to the Defence Consultant Advisor (DCA) in neurology. For more information about this, contact the Army Careers office, tel. 0845 730 0111).

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