Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by welshbabe, Aug 27, 2007.

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  1. .................
  2. 3 facts.

    1) I'm not.

    2) You're sparky2k7

    3) Thus you're a c'nt.

    F\/CK OFF

  3. crescent wrote what i was thinking.. i just didnt want to accuse without justified evidence lol
  4. ................
  5. I was thinking the same too.
    The following things give it away;
    The use of coding which doesn't make a difference and you can see it.
    The random "XXX's" at the end of the post.
    Being female, I guess.
    Going on army selection on the 30th of August with no information of where and what for.
  6. ...............
  7. Spelling in the post is not that important ............ but sort out the siggy, dear heart, it's a bit more permanent and bloody irritating .......

    Sorry to be pedantic

  8. Just a helpful hint - you might want to reconsider having your bebo account on your profile unless you want a lot of incoming ;)
  9. SHHHHHH!!!!!
  10. I take it this thread has gone quiet because everybody is now drolling over her Bebo page...
  11. It's better than doing a **** over it 8O
  12. Your email address is the same as sparky2k7, no wait you are the same!!
    You ain't very clever are you?
    Now **** off and stop posting garbage.
  13. "Get it"
  14. Deliberate mis-spelling of a word/name to indicate confusion and non-comprehension doesn't wash with us love, we have more than two brain cells to rub together.(Generally speaking ;))

    Now please, please remove your bebo link from your arrse profile, it has picture links to other Army cadets on there - ever heard of persec you chavvy tw@?

    To add to jabs list; you're from Wales under this username too.

    And to add; you don't give a **** what veteran soldiers and fellow recruits say or think about you because we're not n e 1 speshal, yet you change your username... hrm...

    Great tits though, got a spare pillowcase?