Ladies and gentlemen I have been an avid reader for some time now, but as of last week I am now a Forces veteran (and have a badge to prove it) in addition I am now unemployed and not a little bitter at being "made redundant" after 22 yrs (yes i liked being in the Army). Hay Ho as someone with time on his hands I intend to get involved in the forum, please be gentle for a while until I get up to speed after which I expect the usual mixture of intelligent debate and sheer stupidity. Indeed saying hello will no doubt invite
comment, but at the end of the day i've done 22 and want to be heard.
Welcome to civvy street - you're on my side of the fence now, I'll try to be nice :)
Welcome to 'civvy street'. Been there for ten years come 31st of March. Most amazing things I found about 'civvies' were they:

Have no idea about: Punctuality.

Have not got a clue about: Integrity.

Cannot spell: Loyalty.

Do not understand: Communication.

Care for themselves: first, second, third and last.

Other than that and the fact that politicians are 'civvies', with one or two exceptions, they are ok. Good luck!


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Welcome Medicina, and I agree with Monkey Hanger. I look forward to your input.
Like Medecina, I'm a new start to the forums, although I posted my first one yesterday in the Intelligence Cell.
I did 17 years in the Army, and now 17 years in "The Polis" and if you include 5 years in the RAFVR(T) during my police time, I've not been out of uniform for a long, long time.
I look forward to sticking my 2 cents worth in, now and again.
Medicina, RAMC? wild guess.

There's an unwritten rule in civvie strasse that says you can't be rude to someone's face, you can however back stab to your heart's content - and they do. I hope ARRSE keeps you sane during your adjustment period.

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