Found this site by chance and haven't stopped laughing since. Joined in 84 and was posted to 4 Div, JCUFI and finished at 16 Sigs in 94. Hello to all. :D
roadster280 said:

At 16 in 94, you will have experienced the joys of Lt Col (allegedly) Kiddie Fiddler, Lt Col Nosher and the infamous "wall" then. Oh joy...
Not forgetting the complete fcuking bellwhiff of an RSM......
Hello.... dare I ask what trade??? I would ask what you did for a living but I think I know, Get UP, Get Pi**ed, Fall Over, Sleep...etc

Nick Carter
I was a radio relay cum systems tech, but most of my time was spent drunk in the Tree at 16 Sigs and in the Toff Pub at 4 Div also part of the infamous Pigs Bar Reunion Crew from Herford!
Ah, the Toff Toff, marvellous dive, even got in with the barmaid towards the end of my time at 4 Div. All that free beer :lol:

Who can forget the cockroach infested Pigs Bar at hammersmith :D , but enough about line troop............ :D

honourable mention to Sammy, the arab at the Munch somewhere near Wentworth & his watered down stein's :eek: ..........

Marvellous memories from the 80's.

Hello! This is all jolly hockey sticks and the like! Tea anyone? I think I may have some cake somewhere... :D

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