been interested in joining the infantry for a few yrs now.. slight hiccup though, got into trouble in 2004 and got community service.. told i'd have to wait 18 months. them 18 months are up and i;m now waiting for a memorandum of conviction to take to the AFCIO, they said they cant do ANYTHIN there until i get this form, which has cost me £25..is that right? he seemed a bit abrupt...

also, last year i got assaulted in work + ended up fighting with someone.. was self defence on my part but coz it was my word against his, we both ended up getting dismissed! is it worth disclosing this? coz i;ve been told my convictions will be ok.. i just hope this doesent blow my chances of being in the infantry!!

sensible replies only please!

chris. :D
Unless the police were involved last year then dont bother disclosing it.

Soldiers are abrupt mate, its what we do. My family love it.
yeah so i could just put i left there to work abroad for the summer?

coz it took me a few months before i found a new job... and thats what i've stuck on my CV etc , the police were involved..because i was going to press charges on him, the CPS dropped it though because of lack of evidence.

one more Q... got arrested last november to prevent a breach of the peace..is it worth disclosin this??? never got charged/cautioned or anything...just kicked out at 6am
There are people better qualified than me at this, but...

If you weren't cautioned then it was a non-event. Dont bother.

If you've told them that you were trying to work abroad already then stick by it, otherwise (unless you did go abroad) just say something like you left because it didnt 'stretch you enough'. I think if you told them they wouldnt care anyway because you weren't charged for any offence.

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