Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Gaffa, May 22, 2006.

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  1. This is my first post and id just like to say hello to your all.
    Ive been thinking about joining the TA for awhile now,and id just like to know a few things.Im 28,married,i have a son, and a daughter on the way in 4weeks,im also a bricky.Basically id just like to know whats the average age of TA recruit (i know its between 18-30,ive just answered my own question :roll: ).From reading this forum and from what ive been told,it seems like alot of students and cadets(18-19).I suppose im abit worried that id be surrounded by 18yrs old cadets who've got a fair idea whats going on,and id be like a spair tit scratching my head.
    I know its abit of a strange question,but somthing ive thought about.I will be asking these questions when i speak to my local recruiter,but i thought id get the heads up now.Cheers
  2. Well, personally from my time in the regular Army, I can tell you there is a mixture all of ages at Private/Sapper level. And from my experience of a TA recruitment night, the variations in Age seemed to be even differ. So I wouldn't worry about it...

    Although I sort of realise how you feel, because I left the Army to start University, and I too, thought I would be the oldest one here (at uni; at 25 years old)!

    So my advice, don't worry and enjoy...
  3. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    It may vary by unit, but I doubt by much. Our recruits are across the age band mentioned, the more successful often being in their mid to late 20s. I would suggest just going for it, and ignoring any advice or knowledge offered by ex cadets - it tends to be absolute shiite anyway!

    Best of luck,

  4. Hi Gaffa. Welcome to Arrse. You do get a fair number of upper-teens in the TA but by far the majority of guys are aged mid twenties and older. If you're due to calf in 4 weeks maybe you should wait a while before you sign on the dotted line. It's national TA day on 3rd June so your local TA unit should be holding an open day or similar. Pop along and have a chat with the guys and girls on the ground.

    And best of luck with baby Gaffa.
  5. Well you won't find any cadets in the T.A. My suggestion would be to 'shop around', visit the units in your area, meet the folk and see which one you're more attracted to. From experience age seems to be quite well spread out between those just joining, NCO's and upwards.

    Although, most people feel a bit of a tit when they first join, I'd expect that the NCO's will be motivated to getting you clued up and training in no time, with knowledge comes the confidence.
  6. I joined the TA last year at 26 and thought I was going to be the oldest there - wrong. When I did my CIC course I was the average age; there were blokes ranging from 18 - 35 so it's no big issue. If you can afford the time, go for it.
  7. I'm 25 and thought the same as you, but found out there was at least 6 of us about my age (from my company) that were give or take 1~2 years around my age and one chick who is on my recruit cycle of whom is 31! saying that she is 8.5 stone and still looks in her 20s ;)

    *I think she quite enjoyed getting her kit off in front of me after the march!! everyone else missed it!! So I brought it up during lunch.. and I got a proper talking to because I missed the bra size out! Silly me for not just asking!

    Bar that I think the best people around are in their 20s during training as there a bit more switched on, we have one chap who still goes for runs to the mystery tree for not carrying his weapon..and still manages to forget it when running off to the darn mystery tree!! also he seems to ask stupid stuff like "I'm cold" & and after a 4 Mile forced march when the IC asks about "did anyone find that easy" he's the first Muppet to put his hand up..quicker then a bolt of lightning, even though he whinges and rants the whole way round about "oh my back" "damn my feet are killing"

    **Like me in the recruit cycle, you will meet all types of people! there all good for a laugh or to laugh at :) you'll love it but like I was saying the chaps in their 20s are a bit more switched on and don't ask too many stupid questions.. Like "Whats the mystery tree CPL?" and when the runs finished.. "I cannot find the showers, Sir" while being in the middle of a field with trees all around! LOL..

    Hey it makes to day go by, that's for sure!
  8. Thx for the quick replies lads.This is somthing ive always wanted to do,but never got off my arse to do it.There is a Infantry Unit wich is only 6 miles away from me,so i will be paying them a visit on the 3rd of June(thx Country_Bumpkin).There is also a Special Forces Unit 30 miles away which id be interested in,but im not gonna run before i can walk,one thing at a time :).Thx again ppl.
  9. Alright kid, first of all there should be no cadets in your company and if there are, tell em they've got the wrong place and direct them out the door...secondly there are all age groups in the Army, regular or TA and everyone mixes as you simply cannot afford to have an age group divide, you might find you'll be shipped off to some sandy place and be with said sprogs for 8 months...I'd like to think we're all adults with mature attitudes (it's what your taught after all) and that the younger lads in the company will help you, don't be ashamed of that and let pride get in the way (no time for that)...they are after all trained soldiers wether 18 or 30 and if you stick with it you'll be serving with them soon enough...

    I remember when I joined, I was 17 1/2 and basha'd up with a fella who was 30 and fcuk me did we have a laugh and we were good mates right the way through basic, your all in it together so just enjoy it, work hard and keep smiling....

    Happy days fella...
  10. Cheers KINGO,ive no probs with the younsters :lol: ,my apprentice in work is 19 and we're great m8's,plus the boys i play rugby with are 19 and up.I suppose i just didnt want to be the old fart if u know what i mean :wink: .Thx m8..
  11. :lol: no worries mate....
  12. Hi,
    i have recently joined my TA unit and i'm 30 !!! i'm the oldest oldest recruit in my bunch and they vary from 19 upwards. i get on great with all of them, ( i hope). In my actual unit the ages do vary, my point is that in my head i still feel (and act) like i'm in my mid twenties. Just go along and see what you think if you decide to join i'm sure you will have a great time and you will all be in the same position, if anything the younger people will be looking to you for how to act and stuff. What does your wife think about this? i assume she knows, does she fully support you? in any case GOOD LUCK !!
  13. yeh, all the best matey.
    I was 31 when I signed up. we have all age ranges too.
    a right mix of both odd, not so odd and bleedin' annoying! :)
  14. The only drama with the various ages can be the rank that some people are wearing.

    Not unusual for some who joined as a 20 year old to be a Sergeant within five/six years at 26, and I've known WO2s in their late 20's/early 30s.

    Used to have one bloke in his early thirties who joined up and spoke to Sergeants of his own age as equals, which didn't always go down too well, more the over-familiarity than anything else.

    Something to bear in mind when you've a Corporal who's younger than you giving you a hard time.
  15. Thats a good point Mr_Relaxed,but i suppose you just act mature and take it for what it is,he knows more than you and thats part and parcel of the training/job,cheers m8.
    Riggs,to be honest im eactly the same as you,in my head im still 19,nothing has changed except the responsibilities i have through family and work.Yes my wife does know,we've been together for 13 years and she know's that ive always wanted to join the TA/Army,basically all my life.So its a case of get it done or ill regret it later.
    The more and more i speak to people about this,the more i think im making the right decision,so thanks for the info lads :wink: .