Discussion in 'ARRSE Social, Events & Networking' started by auld git, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. I guess being a auld git, you lot will give a little lea way for posting my crap on the wrong page.

    Anyway, ex RMP, 18 yrs, medical discharge for a lump in the heed. Pipe inserted and off to civvie street. 3 months later silly old cow drove head first into me on my bike. DOA, rebuilt, more titanium than Robocop.

    Why am I here. In need of some good banter. Civvies don't seem to understand the jokes, laughs and p&%% taking that goes on in the Forces.

    Auld yin
  2. No, you are RMP, as such, you will receive nothing in the 'leeway' stakes. I'm ex plod so I know!

    But it's nice to have another monkey to slag off.

    BounceBanana will be along shortly to explain the rules regarding ex police officers posting. Do not mention Kent, Thanet or Mike Fuller. Coz, if you do, he will make all our eyes bleed.
  3. "medical discharge for a lump in the heed" we already knew you're not allowed in the RMP if you have anything between your ears
  4. Was it a Meerschaum?
  5. What was she doing on your bike????

    Welcome by the way, not all Monkeys are C*nts...... so someone once told me.
  6. Welcome, Auld Git, ex-RMP myself. This is a bloody good site for pi** taking and much more, believe me. Enjoy yourself and do not take it too seriously (most of it anyway).
  7. That sir, is ******* class.
    Welcome Monkey, you'll get nothing out of me.
  8. Start a rumour, why doncha?