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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by sweetie27, Feb 2, 2011.

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  1. hi i am new 27..dont know wat the hell im doing lolo:)..plse be friendly
  2. :)Hello sweetie, welcome to ARRSE.
  3. if youre a girl get your rat out
  4. thank u mark hun x
  5. Any pics? not the rat chuzu, please, can't stand the little hairy long tailed fxxxxxs !!
  6. i have put a little pictures up
  7. ive tried but tired now..;-)
  8. Hi, I'm Your Mums Pal.

    I'm new here too and don't know what I'm doing here either *giggles*

    Want to see my cock?
  9. Post a pic of your clunge.
  10. greetings dear subject.
  11. Ey, El hae eh pey. Eh plain en no eh inging en.
  12. Why not the clap clinic see it every Thursday!:)
  13. I know, I've been shagging the bird that works on reception. She's a part-timer so only get to see her on Thursdays.
  14. noooooooooo clunge got back wth ex..see how low long he cheats again lol=|
  15. Why are you a boy?