Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by BirdMagnet, Dec 31, 2009.

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  1. I am thinking of joing the Army not sure which section yet. I was wondering when you go to war do you get to choose which weapon you want to take (I would like a silenced M4 Carbine and a Rocket launcher) would this be possible? Also do you get to choose which vehicle you can drive round in like a tank or something?
  2. Yes to all of the above. Go get 'em tiger
  3. Top tip: wind-ups have to be semi-believable. :roll:
  4. Why of course, war wouldn't be fun if you couldn't choose whatever weapon you want, pimp it out a little and spray paint it different colours.

    Sh!t windup by the way. Could do better.
  5. You have to have been in your battalion a minimum of 18 months before you can appy to the all arms Specailist weapon training school, the cheif instructor is Major Jim Shortt.
  6. You should look summat like this when you deploy to afghan:

  7. I take a longbow with me to Afghanistan as I prefer it to the SA80. I also have an armoured unicycle which is great across country and even in the green zone. The great thing is is that a unicycle doesn't have handlebars so I can let loose on the move.
  8. [Wah shield on] Oh dear! [Wah shield off]
  9. Do you have different tips for the bow? Explosive, paralysing etc.
  10. Yeah you can pick whatever you want it's just like battlefield 2 and CoD. If you ask nicley they even open up the armoury at the weekends so you can pick a new weapon for the following week if you dont like the one you have and get to pimp it up to
  11. The only weapon you need is a good old golf brolly, £2.99 from sports soccer.
    It has lots of uses, you can use it to keep dry in the rain, use it as a shield in a sandstorm or against mortar attacks, poke people you dont like in the eye with it, causing blindness and above all, you can use it to batter any enemies round the head with until they're dead.
    Then you can race off home in your noddy car in time for tea and medals ( the medals will of course be made from an old milk bottle top, blue peter style)
    Hope this helps.
  12. i prefer to use a spud gun and a sack full of marris pipers!
  13. Posioned dart blow gun and a cheese grater make the best weapons
  14. Don't listen to them Birdmagnet, you need to take the most appropriate gun with you, maybe more than one, remember to take enough bullets for your guns 4-5000 bullets is about right and take plenty of magazines, Hello or FHM are popular. Transport, motorcycles are the best as you can fire your guns as you go along and you can do jumps and stuff like that. Hope that helps.
  15. No. Just a bodkin for armour plate and curved broadhead for flesh.