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  1. Hi im new to this site and im thinking of joining the rifles I was injured training to become a Royal Marine I left before i was medically discharged with compartment syndrome which im now fully recovered I have just got back from traveling around the world and now decided the rifles is the way I want to go.

    I have looked on the army website but would like some specific information as to the fittness requirements for joining the rifles.

    many thanks chenks
  2. Fitness requirements are the standard infantry ones; use the search function up top mate.

    Also, can I ask why The Rifles now appeal to you more than the marines?
  3. Read the joining the rifles thread mate, theres loads of us in there that'll help :D
  4. cheers mate.

    just I fancy a fresh start mate.
  5. Loads of people seem to be joining the rifles...

    Get in line mate, there may be a wait for anything :p as we are all finding out
  6. aye could very well be, all depends on how well u do at adsc. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for an october start, i'l find out on tuesday i guess!!!
  7. As will i mate!! just had a good scrub down in the shower and about to pack my stuff up now!!! 3 hours 2 sleep, 12 hours to train!! :D :D
  8. There's a lot of "mate"s on here who haven't discovered Chat yet.
  9. ah good point, i need to iron my shirt
  10. Maybe so. Though unfortunately the chat vfeature isnt brilliant and usually ends with people getting pointless abuse. ah well. But yeah, check the threads chenk :)
  11. remember !! head down and do the trooper proud!! :)
  12. Cheers andy!! watch this space mate ill report back on tuesday evening!
  13. i wouldn't mind joining the rifles, i'm just a tad bit to techno savy, good luck matey
  14. so what you joining then mucker????