Hello to the H145 and its Goodbye to the Huey for Bundeswehr

Today Airbus Helicopters announced they have an order from the German MoD for seven H145 LUH-SAR (Light Utility Helicopter Search And Rescue) They will be delivered in 2020 and start to replace the 5 decade old Heeresflieger / Army Aviation Bell-Dornier UH-1D Hueys used in the SAR role.

Bundeswehr orders H145 search and rescue helicopters (image courtesy of Airbus Helicopters)

Up to 2012 both Luftwaffe and Heeresfliegr flew the legacy UH-1D for near five decades ...the Luftwaffe performed SAR / EMS . After the revamp of German mil helicopter assets, all the Hueys went to the Heerfliegser thus they took on the traditional SAR role/ In theory they were supposed to have been retired at least 2016-2017 timeline. The Luftwaffe does have a special ops unit that flies the Airbus Helicopters H145M LUH-S0F (Light Utility Helicopter Special Ops Force) for a few years now.. Two main EMS operators DRF Luftrettung and ADAC were the first customers for the H145 likewise too their Polizei flies the H145.

Slightly digressing the H145M is becoming popular in Europe

-Serbian Armed Forces took delivery of first two , a fortnight ago

-Hungary has ordered a batch

-Duchy of Luxembourg Armed Forces has ordered a couple


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Are they the ones that you see used for air ambulance duties here?

Yep ..(as well as the tad smaller Airbus Helicopters H135 ) the H145 are used by the likes of

- East Anglia Air Ambulance , ( my photo from launch in March 2015)
-Yorkshire Air Ambulamce ( my photo from 2nd a/c handover at Farnborough 2016)
Midlands Air Ambulance, ( my pic from Helitech 2017)
Wales Air Ambulance,
Scottish Ambulance Service




guten morgen..

The other day the Heereflieger took delivery of it’s first SAR Airbus Helicopters H145M LUH SOF beginning To replace their legacy Bell UH-1D.
It also coincided with six decades of SAR provided by the Bundeswehr.



Goodbye Huey is retired at the Hubschraubermuseum at Buckeberg army avaition center


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