hello sailor

If you're still young, I would suggest becoming a rent boy for a couple of years until you're old enough to join the Infantry, that's a real man's soldiering, if you still yearn for your previous occupation upon joining, may I suggest RAF Regiment.
Now your in the HOLE mate you can carry on getting pissed :)

Saying that it looks like you started a thread advertising employment opportunities....be very wary if Jarrod replies to you
After abstaining alcohol for 3 years, necking 4 bottles of hobgoblin and a pissy cheap wine carafe wasn't a very good idea so I shall stop and wait for Jarrod's arrival. However, the last time I met Jarrod and the only time I might add, he was eyeing up a skinny bloke in shorts so I don't have to worry about him being after a big bear like me.

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