Hello, questions on joining the British Regular Army.

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Henryj, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Hi, I am currently living in the United States as a high school Freshman. I know it may seem a bit early to be deciding my future, but I am considering joining the British army as opposed to the American Army(don't ask ;p).

    I know for a fact that citizens from Commonwealth Nations can join the British Regular Army. I don't think the USA is one, but Canada is, right? I was born in Canada and lived there till I was 6 and I have Canadian Citizenship, so that means I am eligible to join? What are my chances of getting in? I am reasonably fit and hope to continue this throughout High school. So are my chances of getting in good? And I am curious on the benefits of joining. If I serve more than 5 years I can get British Citizenship? Is this true? I think that'd be nice to have, but would i need to give up my American or Canadian citizenship?

    Oh, and also. I heard they are thinking of maybe capping the amount of people form commonwealth nations from joining and it is in debate. What are the chances of this happening?

    Thanks all :)

    EDIT: I am a little concerned on the eyesight part of joining. I heard the minimum requirement is 7 diopters. I don't know what diopters are, my contact prescription is negative 3.00. I don't know how you convert that to whatever your British use(or is it the same), I don't know.
  2. Negative 3 should be fine, unless you want to fly helicopters, I'm -1.25 and im well inside the brackets.

    Your other questions may find better answers at www.armyonline.mod.uk although if you have Canadian citizenship you should be eligible to join. I am unsure about what your citizen status would be after 5 years though.

    However, I have a friend who has joint US and British citizenship and applied for the Royal Marines (born in the states while his dad was on secondment). The US authorities made it difficult for his during the application process but he did manage to retain his US citizenship. It might be time consuming and complicated but it can be done.

    On a different note where abouts in the US are you? I'm currently in Wyoming waiting for a flight back to more liberal drinking laws. Hence the late posting time.
  3. California, I forgot the time zone differance haha. It's only 9:30 here. BTW, so do I get British Citizenship if I serve? And can I have tri-citizenship?
  4. whats a freshman?

    good luck mate
  5. I think it means "NEW"? In some respect
  6. Freshman is like first year Uni student isn’t it?

    Round my way we just call them easy meat!
  7. It's the first year of High school, I think you guys call it Secondary school.
  8. Hey guys, I got all my questions answered, talked to a recruiter. Thanks so much!
  9. I want to know why you want to join the British Army instead of the US Army :p

    *Awaits an epic tale*
  10. Ok sorry guys, got one question. After I get out of the British Army, may I go and find a job in Germany, France, or somewhere else in Europe? I really love languages, and I want to explore a lot of Europe. Or do I need to reside in the UK for a little while? Like for my Terminal thingy near the end of my service, can I go look for jobs elsewhere in Europe? thanks.

    And my reason for joining the British Army over the US army, is I want to just seek an adventure elsewhere. Serving in a foreign army is very nice, and the citizenship isn;t too shabby either.
  11. Are the rates of friendly fire incidents lower in the UK army than the US?
  12. geordie, yes.

    and to this lad, you'll have to give up your US citizenship for a british passport given the chance, i have a friend who is half australian/american and had to give up both passports for a british one.

    and freshmans in america is the same as year 9/10 here so he's a baby. (i think)
  13. Ok, thanks for the info. So can I move away from Britain and to other places in Europe after service? Or do I need to reside in UK? Cause I heard that for British Citizenship, you need to intend to reside in UK for while. So for my Terminal thing can I go and look for jobs in Europe, or am I limited to jsut U.K?
  14. you can always claim asylum when you land, say you're being persecuted in your home country and they'll give you a house!

    Why are you so keen to leave the US? not being nosey, just curious about your motivations as there are other ways of becoming a UK resident.

    Unlike the US Military the UK does not automatically offer uk citizenship in return for Military service. There is an alternative however, the French Foreign Legion will let you see some unusual places - and you learn French! :D :D :twisted:
  15. The FFL? Naw, that stuff sounds too physical and very, very tought,. Plus getting in is hard. And what other ways are there for UK citizenship beyond being a rocket scientist or marrying a UK citizenship? None I really see. I am joining the British Army, because I want the experience, I've always wanted to serve, plus Citizenship helps.

    As for leaving the US? I just am a nomad by heart, and some other personal reaons.