Hello people.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Muff_208bty, Feb 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi i am a new member hear. i am currently a Volunteer at 208 Battery TA in liverpool.

    :thumright: :thumright:
  2. Oh dear. ;)
  3. Hi Muff,
    Welcome to ARRSE

    It's nice to hear from you.

    Are you a diver?

  4. Welcome.

    Just what we needed, another scouse plank :yawnstretch:
  5. Hello Muff
  6. Hi Muff. How are you?
  7. Hi there how are you? Do i care? EEEERRRRMMMM NO! Come to chat lets meet properly mate.
  8. Haven't learned the difference between the spelling of hear and here...bet your just another troll cnut wanting your back bottom filled with range glue by a real man and then grab his cap badge as a souvenir.
  9. You never know maybe he is new and we should welcome him....Then again maybe we should just hang him !!!! Welcome to ARRSE mate. :thumright: Unless you are a walt, wahhhh or journalist in which case you can fcuk off right away!!!!

  10. andowar you still take it in the arrse? would be happy to bludgeon your ring piece to resemble a blood orange curl one off on your chest and set your head on fire, you game?
  11. Howdy, Muff. Ignore Ctauch, he's all in a lather after getting his blood up reading the jail-rape thread in Multinational HQ. He has had a few restless nights dreaming about being spit roasted by large fellows with snakes tattooed on their faces and yard-gym muscles.
  12. Only after i have used your mum as a condom on your sister.
  13. Have fun digging up the rotting old bird and even morn fun strapping her on you c.ock and fcuking my AIDS infested crack whore sister. May she pas on a disease for which they have no cure seeing as rotting mum are not rated to protect against mingy fish flaps
  14. I didn't have to do much digging the last time I had a do on your mom: I found her festering remains wrapped in Walmart bags and dumped in a disused tornado shelter round the back of your trailer park. :D
  15. Since then the health department paid use a visit and we had to bury her. We are going to have one hell of a pumpkin crop this year, althought the patch is only 3X7 foot.