Hello - On The Way - off to recruitment chat 19th Feb

ello ello,

I'm off for a chat at the recruitment centre 19th Feb, looking forward to it and seeing where it takes me next on the path to reg serv. I'm torn between my job decisions...I'm sure they'll be a decisive reasoning at some point as why I can't do one or the other but I'm interesting in Royal Artillery observer/spotter or something in the signals as I'm interested in the IT/Intelligence aspect as well…been dabbling in hardware/software since I was a kid. So spending most of the working day reading up about both to see what feels right for me.

So yeah, just thought I'd come on and give a wave and ask how you're all doing?

Also wanted to ask: I'm 21...so maybe a late bloomer compared to some of the school leavers enlisting. Originally I want to be an officer, but tbh I don't harbour the leadership skills required. So enlisting as Soldier I'm feel I can gain a lot more aspect and experience that may eventually take me the officer route. But it’s not the be all and end all in my eyes. Just thought I’d ask what your opinions of the different routes were?
I see a Soldier can be nominated by CO’s for showing leadership skills or apply for late entry. I only ask for reference, as I want to serve as a Soldier and gain my serving experience that way as I think it will make me confident and give me some intuitive skills regardless.
A) In terms of the job choices, don't leave it to the last minute, make sure you know exactly what you want to do come the 19th.

B) Late Officer entry. Hard to get, but no reasonwhy you can;t do it if you are prepared to work bvery hard and do enough to earn it.

C) Less of the ello ello and waving, people will think "you;re one of them"



Generally the first chat is just about the types of options that you want to pursue, its good youve got a bit of an idea about your direction etc. They'll give you loads of stuff to take away and read and get a feel for the types of careers that might be open to you. Then you'll be invited back a week or two later to hand in certificates, application form, take a couple of tests and confirm your options.

Theres a lot of good information on this site about the early stages. Just beware of anything started by someone called gothpanda (unless you want a laugh click below).

Yeah, steer clear of gothpanda, he is a true MMMLLLAAARRR!

Good luck, and let us know how it goes. Any questions you have feel free to PM me.

On the royal signals background becareful how they spin the IT talk to you, if you want to go into proper IT stuff in the signals then its IS op, otherwise the rest of the kit is quite archaic and not very ITish, so be wary
The signals is a good one to join plenty of diversity and a good deal of different opportunities as long as you can take the high level of bull that comes with jimmy.
You wont be going RA special observer anyway as its going to be withdrawn from the 'job list' specifically because its actually a course that involves a varied degree of special forces training and as such its a course that should be earnt and not just joined.

Royal Signals as mentioned is IT & Comms if you want IT then you need to be looking at IS Op, if you want Comms then Comms Sys Op, however there is the logistic side of it too and also the technician side.
Cheers for the advice guys, I spoke to some career guy on the phone to clarify about the special observers role (not that I don't believe you, I just wanted some clarification before I disregard that one). He was a Sgt. Harris and he said they had no knowledge of the job being changed and as of now it was still an option.

they probably don't have word on it yet, so I guess its worth disregarding that one.

I'm going to spend the weekend decided exactly what route I want to take. reading a little bit more; the Comms aspect seems to fit with me.

So yeah anyway we'll see how it goes, I'm sure I'll get a ton of info to cement my decision. Fingers crossed I don't come by this gothpanda chap...a few screws loose on that one...or just lacking any trace of a brain.
I wouldnt say that you need to worry about your exact job at this stage and definately not for the Reception chat on the 19th Feb (as Rick_Rolled) stated. Theres a long way to go through the applicant process and lots of elligability requirements to consider first so dont worry too much until after your found medical suitable from your RG8 (health questionairre). However it is good to have an idea of the role you want to do and different jobs available to you but they will come more apparant after you've done your BARB test and showed your MAQ's. You will go for a job brief prior to your interviews once medical suitable anyway. Just go in for the initial chat and check that you meet the minimum requirements and see from there. Even though your 21 dont worry about taking your parents, partner at this stage as if they are in any doubt about you joining the Recruiter can answer any questions/misconceptions for them.

It can be a long process with lots of pit falls along the way but have a look in the training wing and this forumn and most questions have been asked and responded to at some stage.

Good luck

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