hello, new to country, want to join army

hello all. i am new to britain and have been here for only 1 year. i am from commonwealth country and would very much like to join british army. is this possible for me. i am 19 and student on visa at moment.
If your from the commonwealth i think you can join the Army no problems i may be wrong but I'm sure someone will point that out if i am :)

I hope all go's well for you mate, what corp, regiment are you planning on going to?
Not to my knowledge. Call into any Army Recruiting Office and they will give you the details.
jarrod248 said:
edi1988 said:
i am soon to complete cfp and then wish to study for degree in adult nursing but could i do this in the army sir?
The link by old baldy gives you the info. about minimum amount of time you need to be in this country. It might be an idea to look at the adverts in the Nursing press and have a read.
Are you male of female?
If you are female could you kindly post a picture of yourself for the other members they do like to look at new members and they feel more part of the site.
If you are male will you give me a blow job?
are you homosexual sir? this is not permitted in my homeland and would mean prison lol. but no i am a girl. i have phot but it is not a good one and if i post people will mock lol.
It's not a bad one either !!!!!!

Time check 11:19, what time does OFnH get up ???

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