hello, new to country, want to join army

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by edi1988, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. hello all. i am new to britain and have been here for only 1 year. i am from commonwealth country and would very much like to join british army. is this possible for me. i am 19 and student on visa at moment.
  2. my friends from college say to get advice from here.
  3. pardon sir?
  4. If your from the commonwealth i think you can join the Army no problems i may be wrong but I'm sure someone will point that out if i am :)

    I hope all go's well for you mate, what corp, regiment are you planning on going to?
  5. thankyou. i am studying to be nurse and would like to do this in the army.
  6. but i am not citizen of the uk?
  7. That is OK. Commonwealth folk are welcome (and needed) in the UK Armed Forces.
  8. but i need to get citizenship first?
  9. Not to my knowledge. Call into any Army Recruiting Office and they will give you the details.
  10. i wish to find out about the army first without official enquiry
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  12. i am doing common foundation programme in london and have complete nearly a year
  13. i am soon to complete cfp and then wish to study for degree in adult nursing but could i do this in the army sir?
  14. are you homosexual sir? this is not permitted in my homeland and would mean prison lol. but no i am a girl. i have phot but it is not a good one and if i post people will mock lol.
  15. i have also lookes at link so thank you for the advice. i will ask for the brochure.