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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by IrishD, Feb 12, 2008.

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  1. Hi all,

    Just thought i would say Hi,

    I am off to do my BARB test tomorrow,

    I am from the south or Ireland, I am going for the Royal Irish,

    I had a few questions but alot were answered by reading some other Threads,

    Now my porblem is i play Rugby and am a big guy, 5 '11 and around 235 Pounds,

    My upper body is very stronge, But i find Situps very hard! i can do about 20 - 30 on a good day, also my run (1.5miles) is about 11:30 mark,, Now i will get that down to about 10 mins over the next few weeks, but i am worried about my situps,

    Anyone could give me any tips that would be great,

    Also any heads up on what is to come,

  2. Hi. :)

    At adsc i did'nt do sit ups - they dont test you on them. as for your run just get it under 11 min's or best you can and you should pass. you are of course takeing your barb tests and you probaly wont get your selection dates for a while so you should have plenty of time to get ready for selection. if you want to improve your sit ups just knock out as many as you can before and after bed. 8)
  3. Thank you for the reply mate,

    going to try get some sleep now!
  4. my recruiter said you got about 3 months after barb possibly until your selection. my run time was 18 mins then after 2 months of constant running, nagging from the missus for not being in i got it down to 11.30 im still waiting for a date for selection though!!

    good luck geeze
  5. i meant barb test not selection i have it on tuesday!
  6. Thanks for the reply mate, I did it yesterday the lads up in the office are sound,

    Thanks again for all the replys/Pms Take it easy
  7. Hello everyone, i do 9 pull ups, 50 press ups and 80-90 sit-ups. The only thing i'm bad is at 1.5miles run. I do it at around 11:10 minutes. Im trying hard to improve it. Can anyone suggest me for improving my run time as i am waiting for the date to go to ADSC?
  8. are you going for infantry?

    go running 3- 4 times a week running 30-40 mins time youself every two weeks on the 1.5 mile run thats what ive done works a treat
  9. Run 1.5 miles as a warm up, do a few stretches, and then do your timed run.

    I seem to be knocking 5-10 seconds off my time every time I do that.
  10. My bold, and very normal too :D
  11. hi everone i got 63 on my barb test and when i went selection i did 15 pull ups didnt do press-ups or sit-ups but last time i was in phase 1 i did around 60 or over press-ups and 90 odd sit-ups, and i did my 1 and a half mile in 9.36 :D and going for rac ( kings royal hussars) anyone going for this regiment ?