Hello need some questions answered.

Hello im 22 year old from the caribbean. soon i will be going to england to do the PRMC to become a Royal Marine Commando.

I have a few questions that id like to hear from the horses mouth and not just the Warrant officer.

Daily life
Any problems Complaints
Living conditions after the 32 weeks training.
What is the housing for me and my wife gonna be like.
General advice u wish someone gave u.
What does the first 3 day trial consist of and how hard was it.

To be honest i really dont care about my daily life, im more asking these questions for my wife, im doing it 100% for the experience so i can say i did something.
Bushman - ignore Golddust's drivel, but you might find you attract a better sort of answer if you navigate to the 'The Training Wing' and ask again. And...err..this is an 'Army' website so you will get some comments about wanting to be a booty.

Unless you're only intending to come over here to steal all our women, in which case, 'stay where you are'! :)

Edited to add: As if by magic.....thank you.....

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