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Hello i have just registered on the site (sorry if i skipped the newbie forum) i have recently decided that becoming an army officer is something i feel i should give my best effort to, i come from a military family, my father was in the signals for 18 years, his brother was in the REME for a similar period, and my uncle (a colonel in the engineers) and their father was a Royal Marine. I feel that this board has the potential to help me in answering several questions about the pre-RCB briefing and the actual RCB itself, i am 21 years old and meet all the educational requirements for officer training and have arranged an appointment at my local Army Carrers Office (Liverpool)

I am at the moment in heavy physical training going to my local gym 7 days a week and going out for a run every afternoon.

(i apolgise if these questions have been asked before which i dare say they have been)

I have several questions that i would like answers to regarding prepartion for both the pre-RCB briefing and the RCB itself.

1. What training is best for the RCB - i do alot of upper-body training and abdominal work but am slightly worried at the 10.2 level requirement on the "bleep" test, advice on best training to achieve this level of fitness would be appreciated.

2. Things to "show" the DS during the RCB and things that the DS regard as essential qualites.

3. How long from my inital contct with the Army Careers Office to an RCB date where i can be assessed.

4. Any tips training or otherwise to help me get through the briefing and RCB.

Any replies will be greatly appreciated, i have waited to do this my whole life and feel that advice of others who been through or are knowledgable on the selection process will be very helpful indeed.



P.S I am interested in a commission in the Royal Signals since i have read alot about their IT/Comms work and that is what i have a background in through education.
I'd suggest the search function and some initiative, but being an apparent scouser perhaps you should look at the "thieving convictions and joining up prospects" thread

thegimp, i am sorry but being on a forum of professional soldiers and officers i had anticipated a higher level of maturity on this site, because i hail from an area close to Liverpool does not in any way mean i am a "scouser". I will however take your advice to heart and use the search but i have already gone through alot of threads on this site for the past few days about related posts and feel that either more detailed answers and/or more answers are required to answer my questions fully.
Me being an ''other rank'' i could'nt possibly pass on advice on officer selection ,
however training 7 days a week will catch you out . You need to rest a couple of
days a week to let your body recover , other wise you will end up like me . A complete
biff that takes 10 minutes to climb a flight of stairs and 5 minutes to get in my car .
Dont over train , oh and join the real army ''and fire guns and blow sh@t up and stuff"" .
Whatever you do best of luck .
Perhaps you should redirect your energies into approaching your many honourable ex or serving relatives for a bit of advice..........

Paveway, it wasn't, you certainly didn't appear to be indignant in your post! Maybe its all in your head

I can direct a C++T in your direction should you feel you require it

thegimp, i am sorry to have offended you as i obviously have and i am planning to speak to my still-serving Uncle, its just i have given this alot of thought and its something that i really want to do and your blunt response was taken too seriously, i am sorry.
Right a senior officer (who is working in Butlins) has a relative going into a careers office
in Royston vasey on the 36th julember , uuummmm lets kidnap him and hold him down whilst we tickle him .
watch who and what you say on these means . For a bright bloke you are not errrr
very bright . What about the RLC , you will fit in there as an officer .
Paveway_3: Don't forget to edit your posts after XII153 has edited his. ;)

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