Hello mum, this is going to be hard for you to read ...


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craign said:
Independent story with letters from a dead soldier to his mum.

It always makes me sad to hear about someone elses loved ones not coming back, and makes me think of mine so much more.

Its even harder still when you can see a bit of the real person they were, and are reminded again that its the good ones that we sadly lose.
Listened to Jeremy Vine's show on the Light Programme just now over lunch - Very Moving 'article' about the letters soldiers leave behind 'to be opened upon my death'. Clearly not exactly a cheerful topic but they had a chap read out the letter written by a young Rifleman who was killed last month in Afghanistan, then interviewed his poor Mum.

Cyrus Thatcher was a 19 year old lad in 2 RIFLES. He wrote THE most beautiful letter to his parents - and they are very grateful that he'd written it.

I'm not sure what I want to say next.... but thought I had to 'say' something. I loathe over-sentimentality, but my eyes were somewhat on the prickly side and I nearly lost control of my chin!

Well done Cyrus. And it's something to bear in mind if you happen to be heading off to somewhere unpleasant........
Well pass this round the family so they can all admire my extream spelling (infantry eh!)
For a start SHIT I got hit!!
although the army was sadly the ending of me it was also the making of me
Seems like a young lad with a great sense of humour and a lot of maturity. A crying shame, but also a shining example of the pride and courage displayed by the young lads currently serving over there.

In some ways, I hope Brown reads this. In other ways, I don't think he deserves to.
Thanks Father G, well spotted!
I was listening to that myself and had to take myself out of the office for a few minutes to clear the head and eyes. The civvies in here haven't got a clue.

I just wish the cause was just and right enough to make the loss of such men and women at least more bearable.

My son wants to go in when he's old enough and I'm caught between encouraging and supporting him and the fear that if he went and something happened to him, how I would ever be able to look in the mirror or my wife's eyes again. Prayers to all the fallen and wounded's parents, colleagues and families.

I'm normally a big fan of the traditional stiff upper lip but I have to admit I've just read Cyrus' letter and I'm burbling like a burst arrse. His family can be justifiably proud of him. What a man.
Heroic young man, family must be proud of you. Lots of swallowing and scratching at eyes at lunchtime today.

Sorry, just adding "this is the youth of today", not the chav scum on the sink estates.
Jeepers it's dusty here. We will be there in Belfast on the 5th November for the homecoming Parade of the 2nd Btn of the Rifles. God Bless you and your family Son.
Very moving and good to see a paper giving it a bit of coverage even if the Indepepndent is usually a bit anti.
God bless you soldier.
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