Hello, Just a Quick one on USB and RCB

Hi first post, so please be gentle

I will be attending a USB this Week, I've read the official stuff about PO and RCB, I was just wondering if anyone had anything worthwhile to add. Any hints, tips and briefing topic ideas would be awesome (already done the essay). Im a 5 year full screw with Kos, Bos and Telic tours, is this a good route for me to follow or would SRR or 264(SAS) be better, most seniors seem to be trying to put me off going officer.

"Or have I just been wahed?"

Wahed? a little old skool eh

I have not heard that for years lol, it suffered from self imposed bans (its too easy,kinda boring,some people just think your a tosser) and a fall from fasionable convo

cheers for the link to the thread


Speak to the most junior officer at the place you work, ask hin if you can borrow all teh Sandhurst academic files! ie National/International Security blah de blah. theres also some good stuff on essay writing straight out of the Sandhurst Academic wing.
On a personal note, go to WHSmith and by a copy of the paper rag The Week. Its very good for current affairs 'teletubby' style and will just give you salient points instead of mindless waffle.

Best o luck, any questons feel free to PM me
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