Hello...Introducing Myself

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by MonkeyNutts, Feb 2, 2009.

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  1. Hello there guys and girls. I have just recently joined up on the site but i have been shadowing around, which has been of great help.

    Im currently 17 years of age and still at college studying public services which is bloody good.

    Next week im off to my local careers office in Norwich and get the ball rolling with my army career.
    Im not to sure of what i want to join up as but my 3 choices are RMP, RAC, and infantry.

    Well once again hello.
  2. Welcome monkey, please have a good read through the stickies, there is a mine of info and experience in there for you to use.
  3. What greater contradiction...

    "My 3 choices are RMP... and Infantry"

    Theres a reason why, in the old days, RMP's had to have been Infanteers, think about it son.
  4. Now when you think about it, its very true. I feel that i would need some greater experience in combat or in the army in general.
  5. Welcome, Monkey. Now, sonny, you see that sandbag? Drag it over here and make yourself comfy whilst we tell you a story or two...
  6. RMP = hated by all
    RAC = dirty greasy types
    Infantry = The Queens , nudge nudge, of the battlefield

    or you could go:

    REME Armourer = loved by all. :D
  7. Hiya mate, welcome to the big ARRSE.
  8. Wont go far wrong with the Royal Anglian Regiment if you live in Norwich buddy.