Hello, Im new and My husband has PTSD

My husband was medically discharged just over two years ago with "mild depression".
We were in married quarters, and had to move pretty quick.
His mum and myself both knew that he illness was much more serious, than just 'mild depression, but getting someone to recognise this, was, and still is, an absolute nightmare.
After upteen suicide attempts, and unpredictibly volatile behaviour (which is out of character for him)He was eventually refferd to Combat Stressl. He goes to Hollybush House twice a year, and the staff and his case worker are wonderfull. He was diagnosed with PTSD by them.
For some reason, our local mental health services seem very reluctant to help, and the last two years, my husband has been passed from one person to anither.
His case worker at Hollybush say that thier treatment can only work if he has continued support form the NHS.
I don't know why, but they seem not to want to acknowledge the diagnosis from Combat Stress.
About a month ago, his case worker wrote to our local GP, asking why my husband was having no help from the local mental health team, his doctor said they are organising a case conference.
My husband has never had any criminal convictions, but since being discharged from service, he has been arrested by the police for public disorder several times, and seems to be getting more and more depressed.
I love my husband, but why does there seen to be so little help from the NHS?
I feel like I have this on my shoulders, and without my Mum-in-law, who has the worry of her terminaly ill father to deal with, I don't know who else to turn to.
I feel like I'm shouting down a wind tunnel, but my voice is going nowhere.
Where are you in the UK
Ive changed my doctor a number of times for purely that reason.

In order to find the doctor i have now who is completely on board and will help in anyway he can, i effectively had to interview doctors before signing onto a practice.

Only once they showed any sort of affinity with combat stress could i be sure that i would get the treatment i need.

Try shopping around for doctors i know it sounds like hard work but it will pay in the end.
Right , get in touch with your local Royal British Legion Office, not the local branch .Get to see a case worker and they can get you in touch with the various agencies ,SAFA, H4H ect I will try ad get you there phone number but I'm in South Wales so your a bit out of my area. I am pretty sure one of the other ARRSEs will be better placed, You are not alone
British Legion

08457 725 725

Give them a shout tomorrow; they will be DELIGHTED to be able to lend a hand

Hope this helps
Give this website a try


Not on my own computer, so if that doesn't work (Fcuk knows what edition windows this is, or what century it came from) google Royal British Legion Offices.

Don't be affraid to give the RBL an "All Stations" call, someone in there will signpost you to the right place.
Thanks evryone for your replies.
I'm releaved to know that there are others who understand what PTSD is.
I'll certainly be in touch with the British Legion.
Thank you, jackie.
Keep us posted and good luck Taf
Also, don't be shy about kicking your local councillor's door off it's hinges if you're not getting any joy with regards medical assistance.
devilish said:
Also, don't be shy about kicking your local councillor's door off it's hinges if you're not getting any joy with regards medical assistance.
Yes and make note of web site "WRITE TO THEM" it gives the email addresses of all MPs and other wonks


You are so NOT alone. Yes, The RBL is a great place to start, using the numbers posted. Also try your local CAB as some of them have been awarded funding to deal with these things and have specialist workers already in post. They can also help you to break down the barriers.

Hope this helps: Free Veterans Helpline 0800 169 22 77

How veterans-UK can help you

Link: http://www.questonline.co.uk/articles/how_veterans_uk_can_help_you

"SSAFA Confidential Help Line is open from 10.30am - 10.30pm (UK local time) every day, including Christmas Day. Free phone lines operate from Germany, Cyprus and the UK:
* From the UK (Main Line): 0800 731 4880
* From Germany: 0800 1827 395
* From Cyprus: 800 91065
* From the Falkland Islands # 6111
* From anywhere in the world (Call-back) +44 (0)1980 630854"
Their words.

Veterans Health – Community Veterans Mental Health Service

Apologies to the Site for the length.
Personally and IF you husband is up to it, go to your local Community Mental Health Team as an EMERGENCY and not move until you have spoken to someone you can trust. Quote the FACT that all ex military who have suffered Combat Related Mental Illness GET Priority treatments.

Perhaps, just perhaps a term as an IN patient would be a good first move, with the RBL making contact with the local Mental Health Team to ensure while your husband is in, he gets all the help from the outside. Andlets NOT forget, write to your local MP and get an URGENT meeting with that MP!

I am SO angered that STILL the Mod don't giver a monkeys cuss and the NHS don't have a FCUKing CLUE!

When was the last time a CS case worker visited you at home? Have you been in touch with the local Social Services yet, if not why not, I had a so-called team of 8 healthcare professionals looking after me once and not until the local WP Welfare Officer Pat Mitchell from Leeds go onto my case did anything move forward.

And PLEASE "DON'T FIGHT IT! I know I am asking allot but I sepent most of the 1990's fighting the system, all I did was to make myself worse, I was self harming and had I been able to get myself under my own steam to the Humber Bridge it was 100' of rope and two pints of petrol.

Hull PCT have a dedicated TEAM who deal with ex servicemen and women and their families as a joined up package who are suffering with Combat Related Mental Health htss@humber.nhs.uk 01482 389373 Jenny.Ormerod@humber.nhs.uk is someone who I have had contact with and can explain what the Hull PCT do for all their patients.

healthcom@parliament.uk is the Select Committee in the House of Commons and if they are anything like the Defence Committee you will get a reply and this information will only help to add to the bigger picture of just how many THIS is affecting here in the UK, YOU are NOT alone, although you and your husband must feel as if YOU are.

When ever your husband is in CRISIS he can always go to the local hospital A&E, where IF he reports with his condition, if THEY don't have an on-call CPN, they wil have to call one in and don't leave A&E until THEY DO!

You will be in my prayers this evening and for the days and weeks to come, as NO one knows the horror of being so alone and isolated than one who has been there.


Sincere regards

Charlie B

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