Hello, I'm looking for a mixed view on joining the Army/ TA.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Reuben_moss, Dec 13, 2012.

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  1. Hello all,

    So I am in a little bit of a situation and I am sure the views here are biased in a sense, but I would still like to ask.

    So I am a 19 year old male and before me is a life time of possibilities of civil work and different posibilities, a endless amount in all truth of time to work out my life, but I do feel a urgency in my chest and a rush of excitment when I think of joining the army.

    I was born in the Army in the QLR, starting in Berlin before the baracks closed, then from here I lived in Omagh, Ireland and we was stationed within the soldier owned housing area and then the Bomb went off, my father received his brown packet and we have lived in Lancashire since.

    I do feel a almost wish to join the army if only the TA as I do feel the Army could better form my character, diciplin me and get me into a fitter state then I am in now.

    But the idea of being shot or coming out the same as my father did like many of his generation of Army puts me off some, now I could not join the Army but still die tomorrow with a blood clot or suffercate in my sleep, but all that seems rather unlikely in my mind while the idea of being shot/ blow up puts me off greaty.

    So I am asking this:

    Is it worth joining the army and living with that chance of death?

    Was I to join I am thinking of the Royal Signals or a driver / signals in the Logistics.
  2. Yes. No. It depends.
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  3. Why not.

    Alternatively, I see they're hiring at KwikFit.
  4. Didn't we have a bone questions thread?
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  5. Cheer up old chap. While it may not seem like it now, this will be cured with time and experience.
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  6. Maybe go back to school and learn how to spell
  7. While I am there you can come with me and learn on the subject of manners and full stops.
  8. Touchy this one, maybe you should join up, they love comebacks like that.
  9. The best way to overcome this is to not join up.
  10. Well, the problem with this is that it is not overcoming the issue, it is simply avoiding the situation and sure it is the logical choice when you have a dislike to being shot, but it does not take from my wish to join, it's a family tradition but also much more then that, a chance to do some thing slightly meaningful that I can devote my self to, a life choice but I am still stuck weighing the pros and the cons and thus this lead me to here, trying to get the insight of veterans, active soldiers and the likes.. so far I'm getting two good views and some pictures of cinima food and.. being asked if I'm from Africa..
  11. I do note however that despite the copious amounts of prose you haven't actually answered the question of your ascendants.
  12. A balanced view. Yes, do it. No don't do it. I have no interest in your question.

    And with the high ambition you show above, whatever you do, it will be awesome.
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  13. Thanks for that.


    No, really.
  14. Because you write as if English is not your first language.
  15. Woah, I think my ass still hurts from that amount of sarcasm but despite your views, and sorry if I miss read that but it is the organisation and the likes that attracts me to such a role, that with training in networking and telecommunications all play to my like of servers and the use of technology.
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