Hello, hello, hello! What medals are these, then?

Discussion in 'Medals' started by HotFuzzFan, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. Hello lads and lasses,

    I was recently watching Hot Fuzz again and I noticed chief.jpg that the lovely Bill Nighy (center, acting as the Met Chief Inspector) was sporting a nice batch of medals. I managed to identify the middle two as the Queen's Silver and Golden Jubilee Medals respectively, and the one on the right end as what appears to be the Police Long Service and Good Conduct medal.

    (Police Long Service and Good Conduct Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia if you'd like a refresher)

    I'm absolutely stumped as to what the red/white medal on the very left with the highest priority is supposed to be. It appears to resemble the Army Long Service and Good Conduct medal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Long_Service_and_Good_Conduct_Medal)but of course the location does not make sense, any hand-waving to explain why the head of the met police force having an Army long service medal aside.

    Anybody who can show me the light and what a bit of an idiot I am? Cheers!
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  2. Probably the lighting that makes it look red with white ends. More than likely pink with pale grey (oyster) ends so, as Speedy says, one of the British Empire awards.
  3. Thats a nice batch?....war dodger.
  4. He's out of a film you muppet.
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  5. He's a PARA walt in training - note the tendancy for the cap badge to move toward the left ear? It'll be all the way across by the time the sequel comes out.
  6. Gosh theres a Silver Jubilee (1977) in there along with a clutch of Police LSGC and possibly a QPM. But still an acting WALT.
  7. He's an actor. Not a walt. You spanker.
  8. Is Bill Nighy in the TA?
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  9. No for services to child porn
  10. I doubt it. His uniform fits. He's too thin, and too young.
  11. Thank you! takes firm grip of lead rope .

  12. Are you confusing him with Chris Langham or is it something we should know about?
  13. I'll give it a go... Those are "costume medals" rather like costume jewellery. Just there for appearances sake, not to be taken too seriously. Ok? do you have it now?