Hello Glasgow!

Discussion in 'OTC' started by SCoy, Jun 14, 2006.

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  1. Heya guys and gals.

    Just a quick thank you to all youse jocks for letting us die for you over the weekend. We all thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was a pleasure to spend time with a professional yet relaxed unit. Admittedly I spent more time with your staff than you lot, but the ones I did speak to were a good laugh. (For those of you who may be wondering, I'm the one who had the close encounter of the round, blue, exploding kind :D )

    To the unit staff, I'd like to extend my thanks for running a great Ex, and for being a really great bunch of people, who really looked after us - especially the chefs! :lol:

    If anyone out there has photos, PM as I would like some for our UOTC use. We are currently sorting out our photos, but once they are ready, feel free to ask for a copy.

    Once again, thanks for a great time, although the piper was the first to get it....and remember to sort out all-round defence for your platoon staff when the enemy get bored... :twisted:
  2. Any time scoy, hope you enjoyed it. You weren't by any chance one of the blokes who massacred half my platoon behind the bundline on the final attack??? I was the pi~~ed off dude carrying half my life and a 352 on my back, who also got into troubleover prisoner handling the day before, but the less said about that the better. Will have a sniff round over the next few weeks and see if i can unearth any pics. Cheers again.

    (who was the guy who sneaked up behind two of our guys and thought he would try to be a cool kid and say 'excuse me' before slotting them in the back, only to have a stoppage.??)
  3. Yes, that was me :D

    Wasnt me who had the stoppage, though, I was the one chucked down the bank - was wearing the walty kneepads :lol:
  4. Chucked is a strong word scoy,perhaps dragged by the hair would be more appropriate?? :p
  5. How did the gals from Glasgow crack on, heard that they are a really sporting bunch.
  6. You are a flap outstanding :thumbdown:

    After some titlating gossip you sad tw~t
  7. Hey fatlad, what is your interest in this fancy one of them?
  8. You cnut I cant believe youd post that, then again maybe not. :threaten:

    Remind me of the qualities that are expected of officer cadets?

    Im sure you display them all in abundance. Keep on leading by personal example F@ck head

    You should spend more time talking and doing and less time being a Kn~b and surfing the net .

    Your always sooooo busy Im surprised youve got time for arrse.
  9. sounds like somebody didn't get laid!!!!
  10. Of course not, he has not got to look to far outside his shadow to find a fatlad in it!!
  11. Outstanding, i think the way you have acted on this forum is disgusting, l have thought about my best course of action and since youve brought me into the public forum so be it.

    I will inform sunray tmrw
  12. I think you need a sense of humour and/or attitude readjustment!!
  13. As a newly joined arrser you had better wise up to what happens on here fast. Tell who like - sunbeam, or sunshine or whatever you call your mummy
  14. wow some1 has a vendetta, fancy reviving year-old threads just to pish people off...
  15. Not guilty this time!