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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by MilitaryWatches, Apr 3, 2005.

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  1. After taking a look around we thought we would like to put some of our advertising money arrse's way. The watch side of our business is run by my wife and myself both ex-Army. We are looking at doing some other 'interesting' stuff through arrse currently being looked at by the mods. Keep an eye out because I'm sure you will like it.

    We have a proper telephone number published on our website where you can deal with us directly, we don't mess you about, if you have a question just give us a bell and mention you saw us advertised on 'arrse'. Unfortunately our shopping cart software doesn't allow us to do 'coupon discount' just yet, however for any telephone order above £100.00 we will give another 5% For example that would make the Traser P6506 Titanium Commander Diver £170.99 inc UK or BFPO postage. The Traser Shop are selling it for about £240 :( But you MUST mention arrse to get the extra 5%
  2. Hmmm that "Terrain" model might be just the thing I need .......
  3. You shouldn't knock them until you try them :) these watches are brilliant for £12.99 and that includes Recorded Delivery !

    They are waterproof to 50m and have a fully washable velcro fastening webbing strap. We sell hundreds of them and most buyers just run them till the battery goes then ditch them. The 970G and 973G look the part but the 975G and 976G are the toughest, with steel bezels.

    If you cant afford £100 for a Traser or £50 for a G10, or if you work somewhere where an expensive watch could get trashed, the Terrain is well worth a punt.

    Also, if you have kids in the ACF, CCF or Scouts these make a great military style watch. We even do the smaller version for kids around 7 - 14yrs, the 973L and 970G - these are exact copies of the larger version. We sell quite a few of these to ladies who can't get a G10 to fit.
  4. Don't do repairs/servicing on Trasers by any chance do you?
  5. Is the Traser under warranty or not ? Can you let me know what model it is.

    We can sort out repairs, if its under warranty then it is very straight forward as long as you have the warranty card (box) and proof of date of purchase. Also your warranty will depend where you bought it. If it was from us or a Traser UK agent then you will get 2 years + 10 years on the Tritium. If it is from overseas or a grey import then you will have only got a one year warranty.

    Drop me an email at sales@discount-chronographs.co.uk with as many details as possible and we can see how we can help.


  6. i've had a 6500 for a while; observation; when syncronising, the minute hand often slips half a minute backwards/forwards when you push the "winder" in............... can be misleading. is this normal?
  7. No, sounds like it has a problem. When did you buy it ? and who from ? Did you get a 1 or 2 year warranty ? Drop me a PM or email.

    BTW only 4 P6500's left on the offer today.
  8. Biscuits - don't know if you still need the repair work but just had my near antique traser repaired and serviced by very good bloke. Even gave me some freebies and rushed it when I said I needed it in a hurry as deployment date rushing up. I'll get you his details if you still need them.
  9. They have to go back to Switzerland to mb Microtec for proper servicing. We can arrange it via the UK Factory that makes the tritium. If it is just a battery change and clean then I think most independant jewellers could do it much cheaper.
  10. I have a Traser watch very much like your Traser P5900 G10SL, However mine does not have the H3 bit on it, it says Traser underneath the number 12. Thats the only difference. I have been looking for another one the same, can you help?

    Also, do you do a slim Traser watch, I am not quite so keen on the Bulky style watch?

    Many thanks

  11. Hi

    we don't have the ones without the H3 marking as this is one of the differences between a military spec SL and a civillian one. We do keep the 5900 in stock at £69.99 in postage but you would have to have it with the H3 I'm afraid :D

    Regarding a slimline Traser, even the new P5002 ones we do are chunky, even chunkier than the military ones. We are trying to convince them to make a smaller one and a ladies one.


  12. I'm looking for a rugged watch specifically for use in off-shore sailing.
    I'd like 'hands' as well as a 'countdown' for racing starts which then starts to count up. Obviously it requires to be water proof! And, if it has a light for night-watches, so much the better.

    Can you help?
  13. Just to clear it up then

    If it has H3 its Military if not its a Civvie?
  14. All Trasers and similar brands are made by mb microtec ag in Switzerland. The tritium light sources are produced by a UK Company who's Nuclear Physisist and research chemist developed the technology.

    We deal direct with the UK company...... OK History lesson over ... phew ! When we asked what the difference was between a mil-spec Traser and civvy equivalents they said there are two easy ways to tell:

    Mil Spec all have H3 printed on the face to meet US Military specifications. Civvy ones do not need this.

    If it has a bezel(P6500 and up) then Mil Spec ones are numbered 0 - 12 (actually 1 to 11 visible) and civvy ones have a 0 - 60 timer bezel.

    Hope this helps.
  15. History lesson was great, thanks.

    Its probably staring me in the face, but what does H3 actually mean?

    Yes I am thick, Give me a break.