Hello from the new forum sponser.

After hanging around this site for a while in another guise not saying a lot, we are pushing ourselves up front by sponsoring ARRSE. It seemed the best out of the military sites so we are putting our advertising money here.

Basically we provide ASAA certified firearms training for CP/PSD personnel. We have a varied range of courses Handgun, SMG, Shotgun and Assault Rifle. All using ASAA (American Small Arms Academy) techniques which are now in use worldwide with Special Forces, Police, Security Teams, some European Armies, SWAT and Special Duties units.

We have trained people from lots of different backgrounds with a wide range of experience, from 22 year served veterans to civilians with little or no experience to ex UK SF personnel as well as courses paid for by resettlement. Some of the people that have undertaken this training hang out on these forums.

More information on our website Anson Training


Anson Training

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