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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Critical_Equipment, Mar 3, 2006.

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  1. Just a short note to introduce Critical Equipment, the Infantry Forum Sponsor. We have a large and growing range of products from manufacturers such as Blackhawk, 5.11, Surefire, Nightsearcher, Inova plus many others. We are offering a flat 10% discount to all members of the Military who register with us and will extend this 10% discount to all registered members of ARRSE.

    By registering the discount price will automatically be applied on our web shop. Send me an e-mail with your full address inc postcode and a contact number and we will set up the account for you.ARRSE@critical-equipment.com

    We are constantly adding products to the site so if you cannot find what you are looking for e-mail or PM us.

    Ian & Julie Bonthrone


    +44(0)1952 288015
  2. Up to 50 - 5.11 HRT Sniper watches available in stock in the UK for despatch on Friday

    Normal Price £199.99 inc VAT

    ARRSE Price £179.99 inc VAT

    Order by E-mail arrse@critical-equipment.com we will call you to confirm your payment details prior to despatch

    or call us on 01952 288015


    Web Shop
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Please could you check your website's compatibility with firefox?

  4. what!, hey can I have your autograph 5.56mm ;)

    Nice selection of stuff in the shop :)
  5. MSR,
    Enlighten me, I will admit to being a techno dummy but if youy tell me the problem with Firefox I can ask someone who does know.


    Critical Equipment
  6. Personally, I'm loathe to register my details unless I can get some idea of what is stocked and what price it is. Why are the prices secret? It looks like a very simple way to lose custom.

    Also, some further description of the goods would be helpful e.g. trousers - how many pockets or torch - what makes it the most advanced?
  7. You should see prices without registering. If you register you will see the discounted prices which are 10% off. If you cannot see any prices without registering then I have a problem that nobody else has commented on. If you do not want to register by e-mail then no 10% discount if there is a problem let me know and I will sort it.

    Thanks for the feedback

    Critical Equipment
  8. Pehaps having the prices on the page where you pick products might be a better plan than having them only on the 'Basket' page.
    I can only see "Login to View Trade Prices" in the 'Unit Cost' box on the store pages...
  9. It's not that bad with FireFox, only a few things out of line.. but nothing to bad that will not allow you the buy, contact & read the information about products :)
    *What can you see that I cannot msr? I am curious, not bitching :)
    *Could you do us a screen shot maybe? i'm pretty sure it's just some HTML code that is a bit borked, nothing major :)
  10. Thank you for the feed back. I will look at this tomorrow. That should not be the case - this is the first time this has been mentioned to us. I will investigate with our web manager.

    Critical Equipment
  11. I tried this and it only worked once. The second time I tried to look up a price, I was met with a page asking me for my details.
  12. Don't worry too much about it, if you like you could get a copy of FireFox and have a peek yourself.. but I don't think it is that much of a bo-bo if you know what I mean!

    *Your shop is pretty cool :) and I have been looking in there for the last couple of weeks, but now I have to get some stuff before the next RT section & will be looking around to see if you have some of the stuff I will be needing. Which seems to be the case.. And I'm using FireFox :)
  13. Thanks Digital,
  14. You can register as:

    Bob Builder

    BO12 L36
    United Kingdom
    Telephone- +44 01234 567890
    Email- aopenuk@yahoo.co.uk

    as some wag did and tried to order. Guess what he received nothing. A short term fix for anybody having the same problem as putteesinmyhands.