Hello from Italy

Hello to all forum's members, my name is Lorenzo, I'm italian and I'm 18. (I don't speak a really good english... sorry for mistakes :D). I'm a student but I'm also a parachutist in Italian National paratrooper Association, infact I did my first jump (with military parachute and procedures) in 6th semptember of 2008 (now I have jump for 4 times). I'm a graet fun of british army, expecially of infantry (expecially the Para regiment) and I think that the british army is the best in the world for a counter-insurgence war (also thanks to the Ulster experience).
I hope that I'll learn a lot of things here about british armed forces and also a bit of english.

Oh... recentely I visited London and I saw also the guards museum and the changing of guards at Buckingam Palace

I didn't know where write my presentation and I escuse me if I did a mistake



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As an Italian, you are going to receive lots of unusual comments.
No I will not start them off - yet.
Benvenuto nel club dei vecchi scarponi, ragazzo! :D :D :D

Lorenzo, I don't think you are going to improve your (already pretty good) standard of English by reading ARRSE.

Although I suppose you might acquire some interesting new vocabulary, you'll never be able to use it in polite circles...

All the best,

thanks for all your reply, for John_D: I image that the english use here isn't strictly Oxford english but I've passed the last week in London and I read a lot of newspaper, magazines ("Soldier" is a very good magazine, better than italian army's magazine) and I speak a lot as "interpreter" for my family (but don't understand anything when anyone speak english fast, as the hostess of RyanAir... (but some of they are really beautifull :D)
if anyone would make exercise with italian language I'll very happy to help
Loren, your English is very good indeed. Even if you only read the posts on ARRSE, you will still learn a lot.

Ma, di dove sei? La mia moglie è un' "terrone" (di Calabria). E tu?

Romano de Roma came from "Roma caput mundi" (two thousand years ago :D ) ma sono un po' "terrone" anche io, perchè i "nordici" considerano terroni tutti quelli sotto il fiume Po (traslate: the northen people consider "terroni" all people that live under the Po river) ma loro per me sono "polentoni"
please call me: Larry, Lawrence (as T. E. Lawrence :D) or Lorenzo but not Loren (because is a femal name)
ParachuteShooter91 said:
longlivethequeen said:
Do you have a sister and any pics its a rule that on joing that u must put your sisters pics on the site.
8O ... i had not a sister but i don't like this rule... where is write...
Don't worry, Lorenzo, it's not true. Although Longlivethequeen DID post a picture of his sister - and 12,000 ARRSErs promptly left the site. :D :D :D

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