Hello from Germany

Hello @ all

My name is Joerg Hahn aka george. I am a German. I am new here. I have nothing to do with the army. The reason I am here is to make some friends to chat to.

Some info: I am 41 young. My mind is 16 or so. I am married to the wonderful Iris. We have four more or less wondrously or wonderful children. It depends on what time it is. ;-) There are three girls and one boy. We live in Duisburg. I am working as a driver, my wife is a elderly care nurse.
I want it to be true to see what our readers are going to do to his wife, daughters and even son.
ticklishrodent said:
I will try to stick them into a box. I am not sure if they are amused about it. There is not much room in them. But who minds? Coming to the price. Free is not the price we want. A nice wedding is the minimum. Therefore we have to send them on the grazing land for some years. Lets talk about it in 10 years.
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