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Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by Noreia, Aug 12, 2006.

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  1. hi arrse users,
    i hope you dont mind that i use your forum as my last chance (nothing else worked) to get in touch with someone ive been missing for weeks now.
    well, the thing is that im looking for a 20 years old englishman whos in the english army.
    he came to gelsenkirchen/germany to watch the world cup match England vs. Portugal early in july, where he met up with me in the city after the match (i live there).
    We spoke almost the whole night (about wayne rooney and the st. george s cross, birmingham and greek islands, football and age) and had pretty many drinks, me, him and one of my friends.
    He stayed with me until the next day and then went back to the UK.
    you wonder why i dont have his number, e-mail-address or anything?
    he did ask me for mine several times, but stupid me pretended to be not too interested... :-((
    i would love to get in touch with him again, for more than one reason ;-)
    um, i dont really know how much information about him i can post here according to the forum rules, but if anyone thinks he might know some guy who applies to this, or if you can help me find this guy, or if you have any idea what I could possibly do to find him: please drop me a line !
    a warm thanks,
  2. Oh Lord, I hope he didn't leave you with a 9 month ticking timebomb! 8O
  3. Post a picture of yourself in the gallery titled “lol”, you’ll get a better response :wink:
  4. wasn't me.
  5. Noreia have you any distinguishing marks or preferences that could help us help you? As you know the British Army is a small family where everyone knows everyone’s business. It very likely that we can find your man if you give us enough clues.
  6. RSM's parade Monday morning .....

    All those responsible for making a sprog during the world cup ....

    One pace forward march!!!

    And if it was anything like when I was in 400 men would take one pace forward :p

  7. normal height and figure, blond, blue eyes (i would have had a perfect baby, i admit, hehe), smoker, been in the army for many years.
    his names d.b., that should be allowed to post, right?

    (thanks darren for preparing me to this kinda "army humour" ;-) )
  8. 20 years old and from Birmingham, went to the Fatherland during the cup?

    Good luck , that's an awful lot of Brummies.........
  9. hi babe you have found me pm me your number. an i will get back with you.
  10. Yeah right, no-one will ever love you.
  11. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Ok you lot - this is Lonely Hearts not the NAAFI or the Arrsehole. I'll bin any more obviously stupid or offensive replies. Assuming the OP is genuine can anyone actually help her?
  12. Is the bloke actually a squaddie (question mark*) If not this site seems an odd place to start looking.

    * question mark button destroyed by baby vomit.
  13. this site is the place to end my search with, actually.
    i even spoke about the item in an english radio show, and one of the listeners lead me here, so im not expecting too much now ;-)

    so, if the certain person reads this: you know my real name, age, city, find me on icq.

    anyone else: thanks for your attention :)
  14. Liebe Noreia, damit du's auf jeden Fall mitkriegst. Du hast nicht den Schiß einer Chance, den Typen auf diese Art und Weise zu finden. Und schon gar nicht, wenn du angebufft sein sollst (was ja viele hier auch vermuten). Nichts für Ungut, usw.

  15. Bugsy.....I think it's a man.