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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by oxocubes, Jul 5, 2007.

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  1. Hiya,

    Im New on here, my friend has suggested it, thought id give it a go.

    Anyone out there to help me find my way around?
  2. What has your friend suggested? be careful be very careful .
  3. Are you male or female oxo....and are you over 16?
  4. You getting choosy now? :wink:
  5. My next question was, "Do you have a pulse?"
  6. So you are getting choosy then. :D
  7. I just like to be mentally prepared.... :)
  8. Just have a random look in random places LOL, i'm sure you'll be one of the Regs soon, just have fun, there's a laugh here and there and a place for serious advise if that's what you seek
  9. haha.. thanks for the advise..

    i have friends in the army and RAF, my recomendators!

    I'm a 19 yr old female! yourselves?
  10. And be very, very wary of people with sexy avatars and bags of sweets ......... they may say that they want to be your friend .......
  11. Hi. Ever made passionate love to a soldier?


    Would you like to?
  12. Are you intending on joining her majesties finest or are you here looking for some nice meaty cock?

    Perhaps you dwell in a council house and want a young, naive soldier to marry you, let you shag his mates while he is on tour and then you can divorse him taking half his pension?

    As a slight aside, it is customary for all new members to put a photo of themselves in the gallery.
  13. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    Please don't let the lads offend you here, after all, they are mere bags of testosterone that have yet to be turned into the complete and high quality specimen that now greets you.

    Perchance you have the time to visit with me some of the more salubrious corners of this wonderful world of arrse, including my very favourite 'unenlightened sanctum of cleanliness' (the dark broom cupboard).

    I may have some delights for your to see and sample for your delectation.
  14. Alas! Told you so .................