Hello everyone just a question about the medical!!

I am joining the TA soon filled out all my forms and going to a familiarisation weekend.Now my question is about the medical,I have a mate who was in the Reg's and his been telling me horror stories. He reckons he had to be stripped naked for the whole duration of the medical and had a doctor look up his arse.Is this the same for the Ta medical?
cheers everyone


It’s true I’m afraid but don’t worry, the doctor only uses three fingers and you have the choice of a blindfold.
Ha Ill take four fingers,I knew I would get this response just wanted to know.Yeah it can be the wah of the day,anyway I am new here so hello to you all.
ta medical isn't as bad as reg medical though when you go on op you have to go through a reg medical. is all I will say.
My TA medical was bp, blow into the thing, hearing test, urine test, height and weight then a quick chat with the vet who tested my reflexes and felt my kidneys and that was it.
Thanks Rockhopperst, well lets hope thats all it is docs make me nervous. I am joining up to give me some self confidence as I am lacking that at the moment. So I am hoping the TA will help,and also I want to do something worthwhile in my life for once. Just a bit nervous about it all, lets hope I dont fall to pieces.Well thanks lads for your imput and I will remember to bring the lube.
Rockhopperst4 said:
My TA medical was bp, blow into the thing, hearing test, urine test, height and weight then a quick chat with the vet who tested my reflexes and felt my kidneys and that was it.
Do they not play with your balls anymore
My first TA medical was eye's, ears, blood, height, weight, piss, cock and a squeeze of the nuts, asked about bones I had broken in the past and a general chat/moan about smoking etc

The one I have every six months is just eye's, ears, weight, blood pressure and a moan about smoking!

No where near as bad as the first army medical I had about 10 years at deepcut, that was a shock to the system (only being 17/18), stripped naked in a room with about 8-10 other lads, we all had to stand in a line while the doc went round doing the cough test to us all! You then walked to the next room in the buff where you jumped on a table to be given the once over by another doc
I can only describe my experience at ASDC Lichfield in February for the regular army which might put your mind at rest.

To begin with prior to the medical I gave a urine sample in the toilets and the nurses then administered a sight, hearing, breathing test. This involved closing one of my eyes at a time and reading letters off a card from about 8 - 10 feet away. The hearing test involved going into a soundproof cabin and listening for different tones, pressing a button I held in my hand as soon as I heard the tone. I then gave a breath test by blowing on a tube. My body mass/fat was taken as well as my weight and height.

The medical began with some basic questions such as do I smoke, etc, and a question or two about my lifestyle. He then had a quick rummage through my medical records and took down my physical details (Don't know why as they where already there). We then moved on to the medical where he took my blood pressure and listened to my pulse and heartbeat. He then administered lots of little tests such as asking me to do five pressups, hops, raise myself up on the ball of one of my feet and little things like that (Nothing at all that would be considered hard).

He then took a quick look at my teeth (Which was my only problem as I lost a good portion of my teeth in an accident two years ago) before administering the hernia test where he feels your balls. He put on a plastic glove that looked somewhat like a butty/cake bag and looked away as he felt which I hope is the correct procedure. It lasted all of 2-3 seconds.

He didn't look at my backside and no blood was taken and at no point was I completely naked and it was all done in the privacy of the doctors office by myself while everyone else waited outside for their turn. It might be different elsewhere but I can't imagine it gets any worse than that.

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