Hello everyone just a question about the medical!!

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by jarhead34, Mar 27, 2008.

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  1. Hi
    I am joining the TA soon filled out all my forms and going to a familiarisation weekend.Now my question is about the medical,I have a mate who was in the Reg's and his been telling me horror stories. He reckons he had to be stripped naked for the whole duration of the medical and had a doctor look up his arse.Is this the same for the Ta medical?
    cheers everyone
  2. It’s true I’m afraid but don’t worry, the doctor only uses three fingers and you have the choice of a blindfold.
  3. Is this the wah of the day??
  4. too soon to say.
  5. Ha Ill take four fingers,I knew I would get this response just wanted to know.Yeah it can be the wah of the day,anyway I am new here so hello to you all.
  6. Remember not to push back and lube up first
  7. Just don't expect flowers and a bottle of wine off the quack afterwards
  8. ta medical isn't as bad as reg medical though when you go on op you have to go through a reg medical. is all I will say.
  9. My TA medical was bp, blow into the thing, hearing test, urine test, height and weight then a quick chat with the vet who tested my reflexes and felt my kidneys and that was it.
  10. Thanks Rockhopperst, well lets hope thats all it is docs make me nervous. I am joining up to give me some self confidence as I am lacking that at the moment. So I am hoping the TA will help,and also I want to do something worthwhile in my life for once. Just a bit nervous about it all, lets hope I dont fall to pieces.Well thanks lads for your imput and I will remember to bring the lube.
  11. Oh and you have to have a refresh every six months which is the just the same process all over again.
  12. Do they not play with your balls anymore
  13. Thats the premium rate service
  14. I had my medical for the Royal Marines the other month, and that included an inspection of my plums.
  15. I had the full works, nob, bollecks and ass checked.