Hello Boys.

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by desertislandchick, Dec 1, 2006.

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  1. I'm a girl who loves a man in uniform.
    Most ladies get breathless at the sight of a tall hunk with a six pack and a nice pair of combats.

    Unfortunately, in my search for my ideal man, those of civilian status have not lived up to my high hopes of being rescued from my island where sharks, lizards and vultures are all around me.

    My dreams of acquiring a charming, witty,masculine man have all but faded. Crude, lewd and insidious little boys are ten a penny.

    Having a modicum of grey matter, and declaring Jordan a mutant always puts off those men I meet whose blood flow can't be in two places at once

    What has a forces man got to offer a girl who needs a boat that floats and is good with a paddle?

    Are there any real men left? I am beginning to wonder.

    Answers of a crass and predictable nature will be ignored
  2. 1) Brainy girls are good
    2) Jordan is a mutant, Keeley however isn't

    3) We need piccies in the gallery: Time spent in recconaisance is seldom wasted.
  3. I will bear that in mind
  4. Then you came to the wrong place. Do you swallow? I typically don't but will occasionally make exceptions...
  5. Not my type, prefer camels now. Try PTP, he's still at the goat/moose stage allegedly. Flash... well anything reptilian will do.
  6. Given the nature of your opening post, answers of a crass and predictable nature is what you're going to get.

    Piccies in the gallery are a good idea too.

  7. Who is PTP
  8. Don't ask about old PartTimePongo, he's deperate at the minute. But seriously, piccies are a bloody good idea, even if you PM them to me :p
  9. Waahhhhhhh
  10. He hangs around here
  11. Didn't say i wasn't going to get them, just said I was going to ignore.
  12. That's like Pavlov ignoring his dogs.
  15. :D nice retort puttes