Hello boys!!

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by error_unknown, May 13, 2003.

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  1. Come and get me.... but don't tell Ma_Sonic    ;)
  2. Well, im already down to the few names that could possibly be Boyfriend..........

    is wayne Sleep still in the jungle?
  3. Oi Ma

    If I knew you were batting for those on the sausage side I would never have taken you as a pal.

    So are you the giver or the reciever
  4. Oh well Bow Man.......looks like our little secret is out now.  You didn't have to go behind my back (although we both agree, it's your best position in the RUGBY team) and set out too two time me.  If my dick wasn't big enough for you...........you could have told me.  I'm just so upset.  I thought that SIGNALS chappies were the trustworthy and decent type.  
  5. What is so amusing is that you think I posted the original post....not me I'm afraid, much bigger fish to fry...
  6. Oh no Ma - I'm sorry, I never meant to go behind your back, it's just that ever since you introduced the gerbil into our relationship, I find that I'm just aching for a little man fat.
    And frankly my dear, yours is more of an oil these days as opposed to fat..... :-[
  7. Come off it, you've fancied me for ages :-* (and I've heard about what you get up to with fish ;))
  8. Who could it be??? Hmm  
  9. Why it's lil ole me.......I've been with Ma for about 4 years now...........he keeps me a secret........... :-*
  10. Can I watch?
  11. Oh lookee here....Bowman has whined like a girl and some divvy has removed my posts.  You'd think I'd identified someone the way you lot carry on.  Did I?  hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahhahahhahahahahahahahahaah.......ha!
  12. I didn't ask for them to be removed, nor even noticed they had....and as for your ID you couldn't have been any further from the truth...
  13. Is that so? ;)