Hello boys n girls, got a question

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Empress, Nov 30, 2006.

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  1. :D New to the site due to a mate introducing me and summat has struck me ..

    Why are there so many women on here desperate to hook a soldier??? Im not saying you all are but whats the big deal about 'em. My cousin is ex army and he always seems to be being chased by women - and they are not all fat,ugly munters either!!!

    Is it because
    a) They like a man in uniform
    b) It will make all her mates green with envy
    c) You wouldn't have to see alot of them

    Please enlighten me

    PS I do actually like men (including soldiers) but dont see how being a soldier makes them any different :?
  2. Get your cunt out.

    Then we might be better informed to give an answer.
  3. All soldiers have big c0cks (except the TA, theirs are only big on Tuesdays, and at the weekends!)
  4. Alpha male syndrome?

    A strong man who is willing to protect?

    Romantic (beau Geste) style thoughts?

    A uniform?

    A shag?

    Hard and dirty?

    I don't know...
  5. Are there? Not that many surely?
    Perhaps the appeal lies in the high probability that soldier will tend to leave the country for months on end leaving you to spend all their cash without interference. Just a thought.... :nod:
  6. Millionaires

    (well for 1 weekend a month anyway)
  7. or is it the fact that after a skinful, a good shaggin can still be given to the waiting mass of quim.
  8. So you're saying these women are whores then :D
  9. And they have lots of male "friends" that the dirty little ho can get to make her airtight behind his back whilst he is away doing his job
  10. Yes, it's definitely the shagging thing. Afterall, who could argue that equipt with his beer goggles, your average squaddie isn't a dead cert?
  11. Come on the Empress, piccies need to be posted.

    Its a slow day as you can probably guess.
  12. We had this discussion the pub the other night and came to the following conclusions:

    Strong both mentally and physically
    The Alpha Male thing
    Sense of self discipline
    Awesome sense of humour
    Massive pride and loyalty
    Uniform adds a certain something

    For a SCH, she's looking for a house, regular income and the sex life that comes with sleeping with all things in uniform; husband or b/f not withstanding. :twisted:

    Now, the bad things tend to outweigh the good but that's another topic! :wink:
  13. Further more the chap has been taught to wash, shave and change his socks regularly. Not to mention clean his mess tins. What a catch! :D

    Plus he gets to order people about and shout a lot, and much as bossy girls don't like to admit it, they like someone taking control of the situation (until marriage of course, then the roles reverse). IMHO there's a certain type of woman who has a little girl inside of them that finds the notion of soldiers romatic, in a dreamy mills and boon kind of way, bless them. And, it'll make them do all sorts of things in persuit of their target. :wink:
  14. Soldiers are better because:

    1. The ideal soldier believes he should leave the world better than he found it and that life is a gift to be shared.

    2. A good soldier believes that a soldiers most important duty is to his family and friends. He values doing his duty and obeying the law and feels that life helps those who help themselves.

    3. The average civvy bloke tends to be cynical and materialistic. They look out for number one, take whatever they can, and believe that life is hard and then you die and that whoever has the most toys wins.

    4. Soldiers have seen a varied life. They have successfully completed the task of becoming sexually active (as often as possible) moving away from home, having a girlfriend, getting married, fathering a child, supporting a family, forming friendships with other men and becoming active in an elite social circle.

    5. A soldier must have established his own values, be aware of his shortcomings, become a mentor for the young and face death with dignity. And in some cases he must enjoy equality with women.

    6. He is still supposed to win the bread though, although he doesn't have to strive to provide his family with a high standard of living but he might choose not to marry in order to be free to devote his all to his work (and to sex)

    Oh, and last but by no means least we are fantastic at drinking and shagging (both holes) :D
  15. god you buggers have a jaded view of women!!!!