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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Vinny, Jan 24, 2006.

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  1. Hello all

    I was recommended this site as I am currently producing an historical documentary film for BBC NI and the cinema/film festivals about a period in Derry City just after the 'Battle of the Bogside' (12-14 August 1969)*. The film is called 'NO GO- The Free Derry Story' (as the area was labelled at that time).

    The 'Battle' ended when the British Army arrived on the streets of Derry City. The period that I am dealing with is between 14 August 1969 and mid-October 1969.

    I will post more details later, just saying hello for now :)

    *I produced a film about this event in 2004 (screened on BBC4/BBC2 as well as Film Festivals all over the world)

  2. By GDav?

    Edited at Vinny and GDav request to avoid confusion.
  3. It's the same man I mentioned on my thread. I am happy to endorse his qualifications and good intent. His project is to produce a factual documentary. Not one which has a slant but one which allows the people of the time, from all sides, to say how they saw it through their own eyes, especially from the ordinary squaddy who was tabbing it down the street. Tell him as much or as little as you want - whatever you feel comfortable with - if you feel you want to.

    This is not one of your BBC or ITV 'exposes'. It's an independent production which has no point to prove. He wants to tell the REAL story.
  4. Hi CutLunchCommando

    Just to follow up on what GDav has posted here and elsewhere, the film will concentrate ONLY on the period between 14 August 1969 and mid-October 1969.

    I believe that I may have confused GDav in the past as I've been planning a third film which will deal with events from 1970 right up until 'Operation Motorman' in 1972.

    For reference please see a letter that has been sent to many local papers recently, it should explain the plan for the film in more detail

    Thanks for now, if there any queries please feel free to PM or email me

    We are currently in production of a BBC and cinema historical documentary regarding events in Derry City in the period just after what became known as the 'Battle of the Bogside’ in August 1969. Last year we produced a film about the ‘Battle of the Bogside’; it was screened internationally as well as winning the ‘Best Documentary’ category at the 2004 ‘Irish Film and Television Awards’.

    The three-day ‘Battle’ ended when the British Army arrived on the streets on 14th August 1969. They were the 1st Battalion of the Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire. However, the barricades surrounding the Bogside area and others remained intact. Some weeks after the Army’s arrival, in a surreal twist the barricades were replaced by a single painted white line marking the ‘borders’ of 'Free Derry', which the British Army and the RUC agreed to respect and didn't violate -it was to be nine weeks or so before any British security presence would enter.

    This next documentary, entitled ‘No Go-The Free Derry Story’, will concentrate on the period between 14th August 1969 and October 1969.

    We are writing this letter as a way of appealing for contributors. We want to obtain interviews from those who were there on 'both sides' of the barricades during this period, especially those soldiers who were there from August to October 1969. We already have a lot of contributors prepared for interview as well as incredible archive film and sound recordings (including ‘Radio Free Derry’) however we would like to hear from more potential participants for this important film.

    Filming has started and will carry on right through until the end of February 2006.

    All replies will be treated in the strictest of confidence.