Hello, and a quick question.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Vegetius, Apr 14, 2005.

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  1. Hello. I am new. Please be gentle. Well, gentle-ish.

    I was in the TA for five years: 2.5 years infantry, 2.5 years Int & Sy Gp (V). I left in early '93 to join the police, where I remain, for my sins, almost gainfully employed.

    I am also getting on a bit (almost 36).

    So a question for those of you who are now in the TA (before you ask why I'm not asking the TA directly, please remember I was actually in the TA so I think I know the score although I imagine things have changed pretty brutally)...

    1. Am I too old?

    1(A): What is the territorial army CMS/ Basic like nowadays?

    2. Would the RMP TA be too much of a busman's holiday?

    3. What's the Int Corps TA like nowadays?

    4. Does the TA need people with investigative policing skills and experience?

    5. How soon would I be sent to the desert? I presume this is a certainty, not that I'm in any particular hurry.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. 1. Not really, as you have "previous" depends what you want to do....
    2. I'd do something else personally?
    3. Can't comment on Slime... do have nice birds...?
    4. TA needs lots of skills, I have found civi skills are only used officially if you join a specialist unit... no one seems to care I have a degree in eng. when they are in the workshops?
    5. Again depends where you join... no is the answer. As a recruit you would not go for ages and depending where sometimes NEVER!!!!

    Hope this helps?

    P.S. if your in Essex join us!!! 8)
  3. I heard one time that ages back and i dont know how true it is , is if you join the police you couldnt be in the TA, due to conflict of intrests should a war break out ( like WW2). As the coppers were needed back in the UK, and if the TA unit was posted over seas, there would be a big conflict between govenment depts,something like that anyway.

    Like i said i heard it years ago, so i dont know if it is true or not
  4. I was gonna say that...... :?

    We have a girl that's joining the Met and she is having to take "time off" to do her training...

    I'm not sure, but someone on here will know!!!! If all else fails I can ask. :?:
  5. Think that is true...read something few months ago saying that certain employees can't join - i.e Emergency services.

    Hello to all by the way, first poster here too.
  6. It depends on the Force. I know someone that does both and has done for ten years.
  7. Yer we have two in the Sqn who are part of the quota and another lad who is taking time off from TA while he goes through the training. Just hope there is room on the quota for him, bloody good soldier....

    Having said that all three are a bit weak as i've given them all a doing just for being coppers!
  8. Ref the RMP TA, there is a coy in London but without mincing words they are a bag of sh1te and a shower of fat knackers.
  9. Mate of mine who was in the TA has just started at Hendon.

    When he went for his interview he was told that the MET had reached its upper limit for members of the Service being in the Reserves.

    However I know for a fact that if you are Compulsory mobilised they let you go.

    However a mate who was in Surrey used to get two weeks extra a year, to go play!!!
  10. The Police/ TA thing is dealt with by quota as has been pointed out. I once had an inspector who was in the TA, I think he even went to the Balkans. Unfortunately, he returned. I digress. When I joined, however, I had to sign off as agreeing to leave the reserve forces prior to attending the police training school. You then have to re-join and go on the waiting list.

    I think my police experience has RMP and Int. Corps applications. I'm just not sure about the RMP...I don't think my face would fit. OTOH, I had a brilliant time in the Int & Sy Gp. Am wondering if I could get fit again to do basic (third time :: sigh :: ) with all the young bucks.

    Thanks for replies so far; I await more answers.


  11. Off on a slight tangent, Vegetius...you're looking to re-join and so am I - what's the coup with regard to maintaining rank, number, courses passed etc....
  12. Unless you are fat faced piggy, seriously you would be very disapointed/shocked if you went their route.
  13. Well, in the TA I kept my 2475 prefix to my army number from when I was a Junior Bleeder in the early 80's so I think you keep that (salty, huh?).

    Being in the Int. Corps I was catapulted to the rank of L/Cpl. which is, of course, the lowest rank in the corps. So no worries there.