Hello and a hand

Alright lads new member here.
Im EX RN lad ex medic and ive joined for one reason,got a few of the faces from my service days on my Facebook one of which is a lad that was Army serving as a Health care assistant ,Nice enough lad for a juice head but heres the thing .....

The tool has said he is Ex para which is BS but this is his business but now he has gone too far started adding random Military pics ,most library pics off google images and passing it off as him

Someone passing himself off as something he isnt is one thing but Im finding his comments and pics really disrespectful to the lads really doing the job and its getting up my snout

Isnt there a site that weeds these fellas out ?

I was just a REMF in a sickbay but id never dream of spamming i was front line and saw active service etc its just fecking wrong

Sorry dont want to come off as a whinger guys but a stack of my old pals have just been deployed and doing the real deal , suffering harship just looking at this tools pictures have got my goat a bit

Any advice ,Im aware i can just block him but im mega p1ssed he is taking the glory for stuff he aint done off the back of pictures of lada actually breaking there balls,he borrowed some ones red beret for a picture once and now things he is the big un.

Any ideas welcome ,thanks for reading

Sorry to neg out on a first post but wrongs wrong

Tee hee.
If this is a wind up, go and boil yer head. If not then your 'friend' has a common manifestation of the condition Waltiness Vulgaris. The MO will be along to administer a suppository presently.
Lol Safeguard mate he has pics of Airborne troops and others some american ,really cheesy stuff passing it off as him,never normally bothers me but just had msgs from some that were heading out and I just felt about time i put this tool right
Facefuck him,find out his password and "correct" all his photos. A line such as "I'm a lying ******,and I am not in these photos" should do the trick. If not slap him for pretending to be airborne.

Sent from Oz using the yellow brick road.
Link his FB profile here so we can all point and laugh.
Still a ******* roidhead though. Looks good now, it'll all go to ratshit when he's older. Look at most of the old school wrestlers currently in TNA to see the after effects!
deffo not wasnt a Medic (cmt) just an HCA,just a plumb tbh ive over it now but when H14 went out recently he was banging on and i was just threaders with him.
Im sure he will open his cakehole to someone who was /is in a Para unit and get his head pulled off
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