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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by gibson677, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. How are you lads, so im 18, the names stan and i want to join the TA, ive got in touch with my locals which are the AAC 677 and the other infantry regiment nearby, 3rd anglian or something. The infantry said the wait could be till march to get my interview but i cannot wait at all. The guys at the AAC said there is no waiting list and that i could be going to basic training very soon. So really what i was wanting to know, is there anything i should be swotting up on. i know some things about the job, that it is mainly rearming and refueling apaches etc. Any opinions, advice so on will be appreciated and not too much military terms yet haha.

    Thanks a lot, Gibson
  2. Gibson, get fit, really fit. Then you will be better than most. Listen and learn during training - be a sponge and soak it up. Thereafter, apply for course and DO them. Your PSI will help you. But if you apply for courses and fail to turn up, he and the unit will get pissed off and you will get bugger all after that. You stand on the threshold of a great opportunity, use it wisely.
  3. Read the wiki: TA Phase1 Training - ARRSEpedia

    Get fit (if you really want to shine aim for 72 press-ups in 2 minutes, 77 sit-ups in 2 minutes and a 1.5 mile run time of under 8 minutes 15 seconds for the maximum PFA score).

    Put in maximum effort, listen to your instructors (but don't kiss arrse or act like a know-it-all) and help those around you who are falling behind or not grasping what you are being taught.

    Good luck.
  4. Oh and don't post your real name on here.
  5. Anything you forgot to ask at BSE, let me know - I'll do my best to help.

  6. Wow. Thanks guys :) im currently training intensly and i should be able to reach that top mark. Its good to know that im in a good position. I will definately go for it on the courses. Just some little things. In the air corps what would the best job be to do. It has a little bit of choice in the AAC job spec. Also will i get to fly in helis maybe the lynx. That would be incredible. Anyway thanks a bunch and call me gibson then haha ;) Gibson out
  7. Thats the one. Im waiting for a call, would it be irritating to them to call and leave a message.
  8. What JD150 said, plus:

    - Only groundcrew roles in the AAC (V). No aircrew any more.
    - When 677 Sqn AAC (V) do rigger/marshaller training there are likely to be opportunities for a wee run out in a Lynx, Sea King etc. over the training area. (No passenger seats in an Apache - carabiners provided according to need.)
    - The primary role for AAC (V) is FARPing the AH. Secondary role is comms - some of our current sqn members were rebadged from RSigs. We tend to mobilise groundies for AH squadrons assigned to JHF(A).

    No harm in ringing again - shows enthusiasm.

  9. Hoah, what the hell is FARPing an AH, relax with the acronyms haha, urm i guess i better get ringing then, if hes in that is
  10. Haha, again thanks very much man, Much appreciated. I was wondering about whether it would be looking at going from the TA to a pilot in the AAC. im applying to the RAF for the role of pilot but it is going to be about 18 months before i even go to OASC, which means it will be more than two years at the least before i would be in. What are the chances of them taking on an ex TA to go for AAC pilot? Would i still need the same grades or would they let me off a bit, im not sure if i have the exact amount of UCAS (god i hate that word ever since my teacher, im sure, started greeting us with it) points. Again anyone giving opinions etc will be much appreciated and thanks to yo guys who have helped me for far. :)

    Gibson Out.
  11. In the time you seem to have available before starting your career (post full-time education?) you will be joining the AAC (V) as an Airtrooper rather than Potential Officer. Recruit training will consume a good part of this 18 months but you will be gradually involved more and more with normal squadron training. It would be reasonable to assume that you will get your Groundcrewman Class 3 finished, so you'll be generally familiar with the history and ethos of the AAC, working around aircraft and rigger/marshalling. You will have completed one Annual Camp and may have completed your Apache Basic course, depending on the time you have available to commit to the squadron and budgets. You may also have had the opportunity to go on exercise with the Regulars.

    This experience will probably count for little or nought at RAF OASC, though it shows enthusiasm. (If the RAF is your 'thing' why not try for Gunner in a RAuxAF Regt squadron?).

    As for the Regular AAC, is your intent to join as an Officer or Soldier ? The UCAS reference suggests the former but don't discount the latter. Plenty of threads in the Aviation forum on this and on pprune.org, but serving in 6 Regt will give you the opportunity to "Try Before You Buy".

  12. FrogPrince your knowledge of AAC(V) certainly outweighs mine, any chance you could spare a minute or two to update the wiki page here: The TA AAC - ARRSEpedia
  13. Okay, would be delighted to assist.

    Will get the party line first from the official recruiting team.