HELLFYRE we miss you

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Enlightened_One, May 20, 2005.

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  1. We're missing your words of wisdom, rapier wit and Schlimey Schlimey talk. Come talk to us and dazzle us with your lightsabre ;-)
  2. Speak fro yourself.

    Most of us think he's a cnut and would prefer it if he died in an accident involving an anvil and a high rise...... the sort Chickenpunks mum lives in :D
  3. Surely he's not that bad????
  4. As long as he leaves his binos at home and stays away from those bushes I don't care what he does :roll:
  5. Bino's on your body and gumming himself in the bushes are not the sort of things the honerable HF does in his spare time, Surely???
  6. Nope. MDN hit the nail on the head with this one. 100% cnut.

    Can we all club together and buy Chickenpunks mum an anvil or does she have her own?

    Beebs :evil:
  7. We? Are you schizophrenic? Cue the voice of Yoda "Mmm difficult to see - reality is".

    My razor sharp wit is not wasted, I save it for the right circumstances.

    As for the rotary sex-pest, he should be careful talking about mothers, when I have told his mum on many an occasion to get lost as she stinks of p i s s and twiglets.
  8. He can't really be that bad can he?????
  9. Beebs,
    Another incident of you jumping on a bandwagon (hear that suspension groan under her weight...) I see! Do me a favour Beebs, take that perfect 20/20 perspective and aim it at yourself you tubby little titwitch!
  10. So I can pop over to your house and let you "spank my monkey" then?

    PM me!

  11. Now now Helly don't be mean it unfair to pick on those weaker than yourself who cannot defend themselves. Play nice.
  12. Who the ferk is Hellfyyr??
  13. I didn't realize you had a monkey worth spanking :roll:
    Put your teeth back in and stop salivating all down your three chins :evil:
  14. Me, baby, me!

    Your worst ever shag!

    Do you not remember me?
  15. what's with the blowing smoke up his arse thing?
    you missing prison manlove in the shower block?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.