Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Mighty_doh_nut, Feb 26, 2005.

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  1. Why do you find it necassary to clog up every possible thread with a poll over a fat ugly slag?

    Do us a favour, knock it off......... its dull as fcuk
  2. Second that. There was a whole thread on it, FFS!
  3. I'll third that if I can.....feckin annoying
  4. It wouldn't be so bad if she was good looking and successful........but she's a pig and the speccy geek in the red hat is winning.

    rent free? Never knew the cnuts paid rent.

    Fckuing students. Get a job ya fux.
  5. I was trying to get this poll to as many ARRSE members as possible to get their votes. It was hardly the worst action I have seen on this site...

    If this action annoyed you, I apologise; I do not believe there was any need for such an offensive response. You have taken it upon yourselves to "chastise" me for my actions, yet many more people felt it was a worthy cause for ARSSE to hijack a web poll and try to get our chosen person to win!

    So whilst you may consider my actions annoying, what about yours? Who is right and who is wrong here? You Fu**ing bigotted wa*k&r!
  6. Was that a bite there?

    get a life ya waster, this is the NAAFI...expect abuse, if ya don't like it feck off to t@sserville
  7. After reading this post, I'm reminded of what my sweet, saintly grandmother would say to me when I would hurt myself and run crying to her:

    "Get a grip, you f*cking little b*stard!" :D
  8. Was that after she fecked you with the 10" dildo :twisted:
  9. You are wrong and we are right. And don't you fcuking forget it you northern chimp.
  10. I'm right and your a fat fcuking moose.

    Anything else you need clarifying?
  11. Genetics are wonderful, no matter how hard you try you'll still be a gipper