Hellfire-first as Apaches exercise with Navy off Scotland

Ministry of Defence said:
Army Apache helicopters, launched from HMS Illustrious off the Scottish coast, have fired tank-busting Hellfire missiles in the UK for the first time, during one of the biggest military exercises of the year.

Well did they hit the intended target, such as the Scottish parliament, or Glasgow for example.


Why put this up? It's just embarassing! "First time we've been able to test fire our own weapons", wow - aren't you cool?
"The Hellfire missile firings conducted from HMS Illustrious once again proved - as HMS Ocean did so effectively last year off Libya - that the potent combination of Apache helicopter and Hellfire missile can be successfully delivered by a UK warship at sea," said HMS Illustrious's Commanding Officer, Captain Martin Connell

Talk about puffing up a degraded capability. No so long ago Illustrious was chucking Harriers armed with BFO bombs and such like off the pointy end.
Presumably the Apache's were also confirming the op boxes for when the Jock Parliment goes completely rogue and shuts the border (and the oil).

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