Helles Barracks

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Lewis, Apr 8, 2007.

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  1. Does anyone have any pics of Helles barracks but with the Paras in them i have seen the ones on the ITC Website.
  2. But you are an airborne warrior as your name suggests? Surely you have many memories of said place, why would you need pictures BritishAirborne?
  3. Im not in the paras i have never claimed to be in the paras.
  4. Why do you want pics in the first place?...unusual request.
  5. Gives him something to impress his mates with,seeing he isnt joining for another 2 years :roll:
  6. Well why are using that username then if you have never been airborne?
  7. I wouldnt mind knowing that one either...
  8. Yeah, and your signature at the bottom - airborne.

    Wot, and your not even in the Army yet. Look out guys - a future WALT if ever there was.

    BT. :?
  9. A future one?
  10. To be fair i think he wanted his screenname to read as Brit-is-hair-bald but it wouldnt fit so chav'd it.
  11. What a bunch of ***** i just asked a question,i am going to be joining the paras whats wrong with my username? the British Airborne doesnt even exist anymore.
  12. I'm British and I'm airborne. I'm definately here though so that means I exist. That means you're full of shite with a walt username. Do one you skiplicking fool of a pubeless youth.
  13. Doesn't it? News to me!! I will tell you what is wrong with it, why call yourself something you are not and may never will be?

    So why doesn't it exist anymore?
  14. Walt????
  15. The thing is you don't need to be para's to be airborne im in the royal irish rangers and we now hole the 16 air assult role with the para's and 1r irish the irish guards have there own guards para p company as do 1r irish