Helles Barracks

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by chico, Mar 9, 2009.

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  1. I just found the site so still finding my way round. I did basic training late 1964 - 1965 at Helles. Has anyone got any photo's from that time that they could share

    Best regards to all

  2. sorry could not help myself

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  3. I love it, brilliant
  4. Lots of Old Signals Phot's on this site by unit and station.
    Sigs Site
  5. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Thought there were only paintings in those days......
  6. Scrapings on the cave walls, and welcome :)
  7. Welcome to the site. Now get stuck in.......
  8. Is that 'Helles Lines' in Catterick Garrison? I seem to remember that place being built in the mid 1960s. I did my basic training at the old Vimy Lines up near the Bhagdad Gym. Oh happy days, not I think. Vimy Lines was a real old sweats barracks. Vimy 'C' block was my home for 6 or so weeks.

    Several intakes had their training cut to 6 weeks from the 10 or 12 weeks, due to the assasination of President Kennedy in Novermber of 1963. I only found out many years afterwards, that the US had put their Armed Forces on high alert worldwide to a 'Defcom 3' status. The only previous time before this was the Cuban Missile Crisis.

    I ended my career at Helles Lines as an RP Corporal, billeted at 'Depot Troop' before leaving the mob in 1977.

    I still take a nostaligic swing through Catterick Garrison when I drive up to Scotland occasionly when on holiday. The place does not seem to change much. The old Camp Centre NAFFI Club and everything else went years ago. The place looks a bit of a dump now from the 1960s and 1970s.
  9. I am posted back to Catterick and can't wait!!!
  10. Someone CDT this man !
  11. I was there Aug '64 at 11 Sigs, then to 24 Sigs, then 12 Bde (212 Sqn) in 1965. Sorry that I don't have any photo's of that time but, if you find anyone who has troop photo's of that time I'd appreciate a copy. Regards, Eric
  12. Hi Eric, thanks for your response. No luck yet in getting any photo's including a copy of my troop photo. if anything turns up I will get back to you. Hope you will do likewise, cheers