Hell hath no fury

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by taboo, May 6, 2009.

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  1. If you are a biker NO NOT READ!

    Must have been a very naughty boy! :D

    Yamaha R6 For Sale
  2. Hahahahaha
  3. Wrong time of the month and a chance remark perhaps, as he says "This isn't the result of being unfaithful"?

    I'd not want to meet her as if she laid a finger on any of my two wheelers she be on the wrong end of a shovel, 25kg of quicklime and a hole in the patio.........
  4. Must have been some remark!Or maybe not :)

    Most i have done is a little kick and still run like hell.
  5. That'll teach him to pop a wheelie with the missus on the back. For the experts - ballpein or claw?!
  6. I don't think that you should discount the application of a 3lb lump hammer on this one. But she did seem to get all of the expensive items.

    Life would not be dull with her around, do you think?
  7. Doris wielding 3lb lump hammer and Stanley Knife? RLC per chance? :D
  8. Cut her a new mouth.
  9. System won't let me see............ maybe that is for the good! Touch my bike and I'd cut her arms off.
  10. Most of that will polish out!
  11. Not the pretty slash marks on the seat! :wink:
  12. Bit of black maskers will see that right :D
  13. I suspect he's gone and binned it and used the "missus did it" excuse to avoid looking like a useless fecker.
    Fairing, tank, seat unit and exhaust all on one side and who's missus wrecks the screen. Porkies :D
  14. You could be right.I would have wrote my name on the seat,not done a cross :D
  15. The tires don't look new - now surely if you have a knife then the first thing to go would be the tires ?