Hell hath no fury like a naziesque orgiest found out

Of course the outrage is bottled up and widely sincere, it's perhaps too focussed on the Dirty Digger's twilight empire, there's a lot of blame to go around other tabloids.

I think the reality is there are a lot of powerful public people with tabloid worthy private vulnerabilities and their rage is partially fueled by living in fear of exposure. Of course that's the dirty little secret of Red Top power, it's not just that they can bum up a leader towards No 10 but also not many folk can survive such intrusive scrutiny unscathed once the hyena's smell a whiff of fear of them.

Then there's those easy targets that the beasts already turned on like Moseley. Can't blame him for seeking payback, was in the public interest after all.
Do we really need another thread on this tripe? Max Mosely isn't quite current affairs, and it's only the bottom feeders who read the NOTW that actually care.

If a pensioner wants to spend his retirement fund on orgies Caligulous would be proud of, then good for him. I'd be a very happy man if I'm in a position to do the same.

Pretty feeble as revenge goes......
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