Hell has no Fury!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by hecate, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. This is a bit of advice from one woman to another. Its your choice to accept the advice or ignore it.

    Firstly, the word relationship.. if you look it up in the dictionary will tell you this:

    1. a connection, association, or involvement
    2. connection between persons by blood or marriage
    3. an emotional or other connection between people; the relationship between teachers and students.
    4. a sexual involvement; affair

    No where does it state that a deployment shag qualifies.

    I'm sure you were as surprised as I was 7 years ago to find that "Brattie Fingers" does not equal to "Brattie willie". The lord moves in mysterious ways. Also am sure you were surprised that the "excitement" very quickly mounted, puffed, panted and then released. Dont worry you will get used to it and have an extra supply of batteries in your draw.

    Talking of extra supplies, I hope you have enough underwear. As I have located and washed yours, but sad to say even after a boil wash I was unable to remove the stains in the gusset. As a nurse I would strongly urge you to visit a GUM clinic, making a list of all *recent previous partners* as this saves time during administration. I dont think REME Basra 2007 is enough information thou.

    Secondly, "you look,smell,walk,sit,smile beautifully" are not real compliments. They are another way of saying "my balls are full and you'll do .... for now".

    If you're going to take him off my hands permanently - as does seem the case. Dont worry about the swamping. He only does it a couple of times a month and you will soon get used to the crinkly noise of the matteress protector.
    Same goes for his personal hygiene. After a few months you will hardly notice the stale smell of cigars and sweat. The overwhelming urge to throw up when you put his boxers into the washing machine, also goes in time.

    They dont call him "Fester" for nothing, you know :)

    Anyway have got to go now as am expecting a little man to value his Simpsons memorabilia and Sword collection, the proceeds of which will pay for a lovely holiday for me and the girls.

    Wishing you all the best Suzy for the future and Thank You for allowing me to see him as he really is.

    Kind Regards


  2. Have I missed something?
  3. Why the fcuk does this need to be on ARRSE?
  4. she has already posted it there CC - Hence my question to her
  5. scorned frigid bitch having a rant
  6. missed your post...and yes i agree why?
  7. Sounds like someone has been playing away from home???

    Simpsons memorabilia?????
  8. Can you list prices etc of the Simpsons stuff please?
  9. Come on tell more!!
    Are you some frustrated old bag who has just been dumped for newer model? Does she post on ARRSE? who?
    Why dump you?
    Any seedy sexual shinanigins to reveal that we can all gloat over? an*l that sort of thing!
    Do/did you dress up for him?
    What as?
    We get the drift that he's no 'Big John English'-how big/small?
    So come on Hecate!! if he's dumped you and the kids, do more to ruin his reputation and do it publicly!!!

    Squirming in eager anticipation
  10. Well it would appear that the "other woman" is a site member.

    Yet more dull sh1t emerging from RP. Why can't you all keep your affairs and "getting binned for 100th time" stories to yourselves ffs.
  11. oh get a grip mingmong! isnt ur crystal ball working properly.. no she isnt a site member but he is... go on give it a bash who is it ming mong... oh hats I wasnt dumped!

    £500 for lot of simpsons stuff.. anyone for the swords?
  12. So i ask AGAIN. If she isnt a site member, why have you posted this on here you retarded fcukwit?

    Do you expect him to care that his ex bird has posted a letter to her rival on a public forum?

    All you have done is make yourself look a bitter dried up old tw@t.

    No wonder he fcuked off.
  13. fight fight fight

    My money is on Moody and I know I will get a hefty return!

    You go girl!
  14. deleted - crap info