Hell Freezes Over - Republican wins Teddy Ks seat

Discussion in 'US' started by DavidBOC, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. In breaking news from Massachusetts, where Democrats outnumber Republicans 2 to 1 A Republican, Scott Brown wins the seat that has been in the Kennedy family for over 50 years. Brown is a state senator, one of 5 republicans in the 40 member stahe senate. He is also a LtCol in the National Guard (prior enlisted, now JAG officer). This is a very embarrasing blow to Obama and the Democratic party. Obama was here over the weekend campaigning for Martha Coakley, the Dem candidate and current Attorney General of Mass. (elected office in Mass.).

    Coakley had the endorsement on all labor unions but this morning I was talking with three firefighter friends. The fire union had endorsed Coakley but all three were voting for Brown. Coakly had run a very negative cambaign against Brown and made a bid issue over the fact that when the state passed a law requiring all hospital to provide abortions Brown got an amendment the exempted Catholic hospitals. Coakley tried to make it sound like Brown was anti womens rights but it did not fly in a heavily Catholic state where people knew the hospitals would close if the law was not amended. Coakley was also a major supporter of the US Govt paying for lawyers for taliban prisoners. That lost her votes too. Brown won 53% to 46% with a minor candidate getting 1%
  2. Teddy must have just been handed a Parka by the devil.....
  3. Ha! How are the BBC going to explain that one away?
  4. I am sure something along the line of radical right wing fundamentalists.
  5. Teddy Kennedy dies...and then just when you think it couldn't possibly get any better...this happens...
  6. Calsberg don't do Politics, but if they did... :twisted:
  7. Very considerate of Satan, wouldn't want Teddy to catch a cold.

    If Ol' Ted is rolling in his grave, then he's probably doing around 3000 rpm by now. :D
  8. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    Obama said something about "Making Change Happen" ... I don't think he had this in mind!! :D

    Perhaps some of this good fortune might rub off on the UK for the upcoming General Election?
  9. Not sure if this is a good thing for us. It means that the American leadership has been seriously weakened just as it seemed to be getting things under control. So I suppose that means we go back to chaos. and America's enemies abroad can expect an easier time as political point-scoring by the Republicans degrades her initiatives.

    As for having a similar result here, we might if we have a hung parliament. By 'hung' I don't mean hang them, I mean no party with a clear majority.
  10. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)

    My only amendments would be "... as political point-scoring by the Republicans/Democrats degrades her initiatives - as it has done for decades." :wink:

    I do agree it slightly weakens Obama's position, but the US system has always experienced tension between the President and the 2 Houses; the entire setup is designed to achieve that, and avoid excessive power lying in any one corner. Any problems should be resolved by democratic debate, rather than by imposition. I think the Founding Fathers did a very good in designing the US system!
  11. Blue Sophist has a good point. Over here we like a bit of tension between branches of government. ALthough Mass. is overwhelmingly Democrat we often have elected Republican governors. People seem to think it will keep the Dems in the state legislature in line. We have not had a Republican senator since 1972 though.

    Last night, instead of watching the election in front of my telly at home I went down to my local pub to watch it with others. Many were Dems who voted for Brown and not one person admitted voting for Coakley. The major issue to most was "Obamacare" health bill. Many would not mind some sort of health care plan for those who cannot afford it but most of us have very good health insurance and we don't want The Chosen One to feck up our health care. Obama's also had the problem of the head of Homeland Security saying "The system works" the day afer the undie bomber incident. When FEMA had problems after Katrina the news media were all over Bush like flies on sh1t but they are (quite correctly) understanding of the problems getting aid to Haiti.!! I will say however that Obama has some really good leadership people in FEMA.

    Not to bore you with how it works now but those of us with full time jobs usually have a good health plan. Those on welfare/benefits etc already have good health care. It is a segment in between like the working mum who is a waitress or people who work part time who are without coverage. My brother in law is mentally ill, has not worked for 25 years and cannot work. He has Schitzophrenia. He is getting good health care and does not pay a dime for doctors, hospitals etc. All from Social Security.

    This is a major blow to Obama. We could even see the Republicans regain the house next year. Nancy Pelosi would not longer be Speaker! No more USAF executive jets across the country every week. She would have to fly commercial with us riffraff!! That almost brings tears of joy to my eyes!!

    I have a toothache this morning, I am on my way for a root canal. My back stiil hurts from slipping on ice last week but it is a wonderfull morning.
  12. God Bless America - thank you Yanks. Not only for turning around the situation in your country, but, also for helping save the Haiti disaster from getting worse.

    I know we Brits can be real $hit$, at times, but, I am sure we here all want to say thanks!
  13. Even better - it was Ms Coakley's "lacklustre campaign" that was entirely to blame.

    The Chosen One still has the Beeb's full support.
  14. Oh what a beautiful morning!! (Warbles show tunes and klicks heels.)


    I believe this might be what the Anointed One calls a "teachable moment" No, No, Barry; it's the PEOPLE'S SEAT not Kennedy's seat or a Democratic seat. :lol: :1:
  15. Oh, and the most delicious irony of this is as follows:

    Until 2004, there were no special elections in Massachusetts for Senate seats -- they were appointed by the governor.

    However, in 2004, Chappaquiddick Kennedy told the Massachusetts state legislature that this was a Bad Thing, since Massachusetts senator John Kerry (who he?) was a dead shoo-in for president, and Mitt Romney would almost certainly appoint a Republican to his seat. Inconceivable! Thus, couched in an exceedingly thin veneer of a special election being "more democratic" (i.e. of greater benefit to the Democratic party at that precise moment in time), Chappaquiddick suggested that the state legislature might like to change the rules.

    Of course, the Massachusetts legislature did exactly as it was told (it's not like the Kennedys thought they owned the state or anything... oh wait), and lo and behold the rules were changed.

    Skip forward to 2009. Chappaquiddick is at death's door, and the DNC require 60 votes to push through unpopular legislation in the US Senate. But, once Chappaquiddick dies, there will be a certain number of weeks in which one of the Massachusetts seats is vacant and suddenly the 60 votes are gone.

    So, Chappaquiddick instructs the Massachusetts state legislature to change the rules again to allow the governor (now a Democrat) to appoint a senator ad-interim so that they can pass this desperately unpopular legislation.

    The hilarious thing is that if they had not changed the rules in the 1st place, a DNC machine place man would have been sitting in that seat and this would not have been an issue. However, because they kept changing the rules for the expediency of the moment to benefit their party and explicitly to attempt to keep Republicans out, a Republican ended up being elected.